Midna's Story


Midna's Stories

 Meet Midna, she is a twillian ruler with somewhat of an aditude. She is always dealing with things from curses to memory loss issiues. While traveling threw castles to labritories she continues on her journey meeting new friends. Like Link a triforce user or Lance a bookworm. She also meets other new friends like Mitch a goron and a few other friends from humans to giant creatures hoping to acompish her goals along the way. Read Midna's Story 1-3 and enjoy Midna's adventures first hand. So grab a reading spot and enjoy the stories.



Midna's Story Part 1 


Twilight Princess


This Story is about how two friends travel together to find something they lost. One is looking for family, and the other is looking for revenge!!! Meet Midna and Link, two unlikly characters team up together to hopefully find what there looking for. 

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Midna's Story Part 2 

Rise of the Twilight Realm

Midna is Back and this time she is on a mission. Something goes wrong in the Twilight Realm and Midna has to clean up the mess. Now Midna travels back to Hyrule. But this time she arives there 700 years after her first visit.  

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Midna's Story Part 3

The Rewind of Time

Midna messes with time and losses her memery of her life and who is in it. Now Midna has to travel Hyrule as an imp again, and this time she knows nothing about her past, her frends she met, and the twillians she rules over. As she travels Hyrule she hopefully tries to find a way to remember what she has lost and forgoten. 

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 Stellana's Stories

As Midna lives her life, Stellana basicly takes the spotlight as the new main character in this journey. Stellana is Midna's daughter. She is a sten yet kind half twillian half human princess of the Twilight Realm. As Stellana travels all over the place, she meets some new friends like an older twillian to a jiant tektite.  Also she meets some other alies like a twillian servant named Gina and her lighthearted fraternal twin sister named Lunetta. Read Stelana's Story 1 - 3  (also caled Midna's Story 4 - 6) and enjoy some more twillian fun while reading more about Midna. 



Midna's Story Part 4 

 Stellana's Story

 Meet Estel, a 19 year old girl that knows nothing of her true past, untill she stumbles into the Twilight Realm and meets Midna. Now, Estel realizes who she is and struggles to master her power, as well as her chance to fit in.

As Stellana finally fits in, Midna goes missing and its Stellana's turn to clean up the mess. While traveling to find Midna, Midna encounters an old friend that she hasn't seen in about 20 years and grows close to him again.

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Midna's Story Part 5 

The Reunion of Royalty

Stellana is told that she has a twin sister. Now on a journey to find her, she comes across a long lost adoptid sister who joins Stellana on her journey to find her twin. 

 Stellana gets a strange distress call from a shape shifting being called See Fell. While triyng to track down this creature and help it, Stellana is joined by Midna for back up in a chase threw time to find See Fell and help this creature before it's too late.

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Midna's Story Part 6 

 The Prediction Project

Midna And Link are getting married and Stellana wants to get Midna the perfect wedding gift, so Stellana goes to Hyrule in search of the perfect gift. Joind by her sister Lunetta, the two travel all over Hyrule to find and bring home the perfect wedding gift for there mom.

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Lunetta's Stories 

 While Stellana is ruling the Twilight Realm Lunetta takes charge in the last final epic adventures of this amazing story seires. Meet Lunetta she is a lighthearted female who is always on the move and her family and friends always has her back. Like Stellana and Midna. She also has her great grandfather Wixane Crepisilian helping out too and the new friends she meets along the way. From a giant keese to a genetically altered likelike named Mya. enjoy Lunetta's parts of this series and have fun reading them. 



Midna's Story Part 7

The Twillian Return

Lunetta is sent back in time to find the mirror of twilight and place it in the frame but little dose she know its the time she traveled back to Midna was already there and so are the teenage triforce users that Midna met before 

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 Midna's Story Part 8

Power Play


 Stellana sends Lunetta on a mission to find this rare yet powerful gem called the flare diamond not knowing that Stellana only wants it for power. While the gem corrupts her sisters mind, Lunetta has to find it and destroy it with the help of some old allies

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 Midna's Story Part 9

 Protection in Paradise

While on her honeymoon, Midna brings along her daughters but while on vacation Lunetta gets an urgent call from May saying that Lance was kidnapped. Knowing that only one being could be the culprit Lunetta goes on this last epic adventure along with May to find Lance and bring him home safe 

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Midna's Story is dedicated to my friends and family who have been thre helping me out my whole life thank you everybody!!!