Midna's Story Part 7 Protagonists

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art done by Brandon Cardoza

Lunetta: She is a half human half twillian ruler who is sent on a mission to find the mirror of twilight and put the mirror in its frame

Stellana: She is a half human half twillian ruler who sends her sister on a mission back in time

Lunetta's Reconstructed Fused Form: Lunetta fuses into this thing after using the reconstructed fused shadow mask's power while trying to fuse with her twillian time pendant

                   Midna's Story Part 7



        As time passes in the Twilight Realm, Stellana and Lunetta are managing the kingdom, but one day "Lunetta I need you to go on a mission for me" said Stellana to her sister. "What do you need Stellana" said to Lunetta. "I need you to travel back to Hyrule about 40 years ago and find three things called the Mirror of Twilight." "Why do you need them?" "No, I need you to put them into their frame because the Twillian Mirror Ceremony happens in two days from later today. Every 700 years the mirror collects energy from the moon. And if I did my math right, the mirror will activate its collection in the time period that I'm sending you to." "Ok I will go “replied Lunetta.

As Lunetta was getting ready to leave, Stellana gave a box to her sister and said to her, "Mom wanted to give this to you for your 23 birthday." As Lunetta peaked into the box she saw the three fused shadow shards along with the reconstructed fused shadow mask that once belonged to Midna. "What did you get Stellana?" Lunetta asked her sister. "Dad's Master Sword but that doesn’t matter now you need to go."

As Stellana used her Twillian Time pendant to set up the portal, Lunetta grabbed her bag then shrunk the box using her shadow magic and placed it in the bag. As the portal was ready Stellana told her sister "Time to go be carful back there, remember what you do will reflect threw out history" then Lunetta stepped threw the portal then the portal disappeared


Lunetta's Story 

Part 1

The Twillian Return

        40 years earlier in Hyrule, the festival of time just passed in Hyrule city and things are getting worse again. The HP co is back and they now know who the triforce users are. Lance May, and Blake went into hiding and Mitch was arrested for defending his friends.

        As Lunetta arrived in Hyrule she noticed that there was something different here. As Lunetta entered the city she said to herself, "I need to find a library to get some information on this Mirror of Twilight thing" then Lunetta walked by a local library and went in. Meanwhile in a secret laboratory, "The magic tracer is going crazy we need to find this source and fast" After the scientist said that he left the lab to get back-up.

 Meanwhile in the library Lunetta noticed that the library was completely empty except for a teenage boy that was reading a book. As Lunetta walked passed the boy she had an idea. "Hey kid" asked Lunetta to the teenager. "I need your help finding something, can you help me?" As the boy put the book down he replied, "Sure but I have a question for you." After he said that a young girl entered the library then the boy continued, "Ask that kid what she sees." So Lunetta confronted the young girl and asked her, "Hey kid what do you see?" She replied, "I see you and an empty library why is this is a trick question" as the girl left the library.

 As Lunetta met up with the boy again she asked him, "How can I only see you?" The boy put down the book and showed Lunetta the top of his right hand on his hand was a triangle like pattern the left triangle was a solid color compared to the right and upper triangles. Lunetta realized what that symbol was right away she said to the boy, "Who are you kid?"

The question is who are you no normal human can see me unless I want them to. You don't look entirely human though. You have a small point in your ears you must be a half breed or something." After the kid said that he closed his book and replied, "I'm Lance nice to meet you and you are?" "I'm Lunetta but my friends call me Carol." Lance replied, "hi Lunetta what can I help you with?"

Why did Stellana send her sister back in time? Will Lunetta retrieve the Mirror of Twilight in time? How did Lance go invisible?  And how did Lunetta see him?
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        After explaining her situation to Lance Lunetta didn't tell him about how she was Midna's daughter though. After their talk Lance said to Lunetta, "So the three mirror pieces need to return to the frame of the mirror?" "Yes that's correct Lance but we need to do this before the next full moon dawns upon Hyrule city you up for this quest" replied Lunetta. "I know someone who can help us."

Then Lance was about to leave the library when a teenage girl entered the room. As the teenage girl approached the two of them, she said to Lunetta, "Why are you wearing a black dress in the middle of a local library?" she paused then said again, "Oh hi Lance you don't talk to many girls so why this weird chick?"

Lance sighed then said to Lunetta, "This is it May she can see me because" Lunetta interrupted Lance and said to him "because she is a triforce user too I get the picture. With your bold attitude and your ability to say what you want with out thinking you must be the user of courage correct?"

May was speechless she stayed quiet for about a minute then said "Ok you got me, and who are you?" "I'm Lunetta but my friends call me Carol. I need you two for a mission want to come along May?" May smiled and said, "You remind me of someone I knew once but I just can't put my finger on which it was." 

Then the three of them left the library they went to Lance’s house.  As they arrived, the three of them were greeted by Lance's mom. "Hi Lance oh you brought May again." Lance's mom looked at Lunetta then said again, "You brought another girl over, at least this one looks human." As the four of them sat on the couch Lunetta explained the mirror situation to Lance's mom. After she did so Lance's mom replied "If you need the Mirror of Twilight pieces we have one here. But be careful with it, it was a gift."

As Lance's mom left the couch to get the mirror of Twilight piece, May realized something then said to Lunetta, "Now I know who you remind me of." "Who is that May" asked Lunetta. "You remind me of Midna." After Lunetta heard that she giggled then replied, "do I, well I don't think so, but I do come from Twilight Realm so maybe I'm slightly like her."

 After Lunetta said that, Lance said to Lunetta, "That makes sense. You are part twillian part human that's why you have the somewhat pointed ears." As Lunetta snapped her fingers a blue energy started in her fingertips. As May and Lance watched the energy intensify, Lance asked Lunetta, "If this is shadow magic why is it blue not purple?" But before Lunetta could answer Lance's mom brought back a smallish looking mirror piece that was dark blue and it had strange silver patterns on it.

As she gave the piece to Lunetta, Lance's mom said to Lunetta "There is two more pieces out there. One is at the museum of Hyrulian History. And the other one is in the hands of the HP co getting that one will take some work." "Thank you" Lunetta paused then said again, "Can I ask what your name is?" "It's Carolyn Felch and your welcome. But you need to hurry, because the next full moon is in two days from tonight so be careful out there."

As Lunetta was about to leave Lance asked her, "Can I come with you I can help?" Then May said, "I'm going too. I am willing to help you out even if you are part twillian." As Lance went to his room with May following behind him Lunetta told Lance's mom, "Hey Carolyn can you keep a secret from Lance for me?" "What is it" replied Carolyn. "Because you know Midna I can tell you and you alone that I am her daughter and I came from the future to deal with this mirror problem. My twin sister Stellana and I rule the Twilight Realm in our time. But you must not tell Lance about this."

"It's not a bad thing to be Midna's kid. But I think sense you are traveling along with my son that eventually you should tell him. He’s a good boy don’t let him down Lunetta." Then Lance and May came out of Lance’s room and were ready to go. The three of them left Lance's house on there quest to find the other Mirror of Twilight pieces.


Why did Lunetta invite Lance and May on her journey? Will Lunetta ever find the Mirror of Twilight pieces? What is the HP co tracking? And will Lunetta succeeded in her mission?

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That night, the three of them went to the museum of Hyrulian History to get the mirror piece. As the three of them entered the parking lot of the museum, Lunetta said to the two triforce users, "Now you two be careful in here I got this handled but I just need you two for something small ok?" "What do you need us for if you got this handled" replied May "Zip it fancy pants I wasn't talking to you I was talking to Lance " barked Lunetta at May.

As May held her tongue, Lance asked Lunetta, "What do I need to do Lunetta?" "As we go in the building I need you and fancy pants here to turn on the lights for about three minutes and I will do the rest." As Lunetta was about to go in, Lance said to her, "Since you came from the Twilight Realm do you have a VC?" "Yes I do" replied Lunetta. “Why do you ask Lance?" As Lance reached into his bag he pulled out a small mirror like object then said to Lunetta, "Because I have one too and it would be better to talk threw these then trying to find each other in the museum because it is a big place."

As Lunetta reached into her bag she pulled out what looked like a fingerless glove with a smallish mirror like device on the top of the glove's hand. As she put the glove on she said to Lance, "That's a good idea Lance my VC is programmed to contact multi universal signals meaning I can contact friends from home." After Lunetta said that the three of them entered the museum.

 In the museum, Lance and May went to the control room and Lunetta quickly roamed through the rooms. As Lunetta looked through the rooms Lance and May went over to the control room. "Do you think I'm a fancy pants Lance" asked May. "No I don't” Lance. “I just think that you and Lunetta have the talking issue in common so naturally you two will probably fight every now and then."

As the two of them reached the control room, Lance contacted Lunetta on the VC, "Hey Lunetta me and May are in the control room now what?" "Good" replied Lunetta. "Turn the lights on in the mirror room I think it's room 5." As Lance turned on the switch labeled R5 the lights in the room that Lunetta turned on giving the structures shadows as Lunetta hid in the shadow of one structure she jumped from shadow to shadow until she was at the Mirror of Twilight case after she said that she told Lance, "Good turn off the lights and meet me at the front entrance in the parking lot." "But what about you will you meet us there?" "Yes I will, but in a bit" then Lance's VC shut down.

After doing as instructed Lance and May left the building while they were leaving, Lunetta jumped out of the shadow and waved her hand over the mirror case after she did that the case opened and Lunetta took the piece then warped out of the building to meet up with her friends. Little did she know she was being watched on camera by a security guard. As the guard saw the footage he made a phone call "hello is this is the Hyrulian Power Company?"

Meanwhile, as Lunetta met back up with Lance and May she said to them, "We can call it a night I guess. Can I stay at your place Lance?" "Sure" replied Lance. "May sleeps over all of the time so I guess your cool then" and the three of them headed over to Lances’ for the night.

Now that Lunetta has two Mirror of Twilight pieces will she recover the last one in time? Why are May and Lunetta fighting? What did the security guard want with the HP co? And will Lunetta finish her mission on time?

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        The next morning, as Lunetta Lance and May were getting ready to go to the HP building, Lance asked Lunetta "Sense you are part twillian do you know Midna?" "Yes I do Lance, but that isn’t important right now what is important though is the last mirror piece and the fact that we need to get it" Lance agreed with Lunetta then said to May, "Are you coming with us we need you as well?" "Ok but I'm not a fancy pants so let Lunetta know that" Lance smiled at May, and the three of them were off to the HP building.

 As they arrived, the three if them entered the building carefully as they entered the parking lot, they noticed that there was an armed guard securing the parking lot. Lance sighed in hesitation then said to Lunetta, "I will handle this. One thing I learned from Midna is never back down unless it’s needed." Then Lance closed his eyes suddenly his triforce pattern starts to glow and the armed guard fell to the ground he was out cold.

As the three of them approached the guard, Lance took his weapon then showed it to Lunetta and said to her, "Like most guards around here, this gun is a device that drains triforce energy." Then Lance took the gun closed his eyes and the glowing pattern on his hand produced a powerful energy surge that Lance shot threw the gun hitting and destroying a light pole. After he showed Lunetta the weapon he said, "Because I am a triforce user I can release triforce energy from this gun using my triforce power."

 Lance paused then said again, "You can have it Lunetta. I think I understand who you are now you have shadow magic because you are part twillian but knowing that you and May fight with each other and the fact that you see me when I'm shielding myself tells me that your part triforce user too. If that is true then you are in grave danger because in this place we triforce users are in hiding me and May as well as my friend Blake we are hiding from the HP co. Because they use us for our triforce energy to power there experiments so we hid."

"That's terrible I'm not going to be a giant battery for them so we need to make this quick ok Lance?" "That sounds fine Lunetta because all I want is my friend back that they took." "Who is that Lance?" "He is a Goron his name is Mitch and they too him to lure me here and I never saw him again." “That's so sad Lance, I will help you get him back from that awful place."

After the conversation with Lance, Lunetta told May and Lance, "It's time to get the mirror piece you ready guys?" Lance and May agree then they headed inside the building as they went in Lunetta got a cold chill run up her spine as the three of them were still in the lobby Lance's triforce started to glow and he touched may and Lunetta then said to them "We can now travel threw the building unharmed because I made us shielded from normal human view."

As the three of them walked threw the building no one noticed them as the three of them passed a strange room Lance stopped then said to the others, "We need to go in here guys that's where everyone is." "How do you know that Lance" asked May. Then Lance said sternly to May "Because I know." After Lance said that he went in the room followed by Lunetta and May.

As they entered the room Lunetta gasped in horror to see actual living beings in cages guarded by electrical wire. As Lunetta started to free the beings human and Goron alike, Lance and May helped. While freeing the creatures Lance found his friend, "Mitch are you ok I've been so worried about you." "Hi Lance it's been about a month sense I've heard your voice. I'm so happy to see you" replied Mitch.  

Meanwhile as Lance and Mitch reunited Lunetta freed someone that had a triangle pattern on the top of his right hand. He was in a different looking cage then the rest of them. "Hi I'm Lunetta" said Lunetta to the boy. "What happened to you guys?" The boy stepped out of the cage and replied, "The same old stuff that's what. My dad the head scientist of the HP co is obsessed with triforce power. You don't look like a normal human what are you?"

Lunetta giggled then said, "I'm part twillian and you are?" "I'm Blake if you are part twillian then you can stop this madness by fixing my dad." "That doesn’t matter now we need to get you guys out of this building right now." As Lunetta grabbed Blake's hand the shield that covers Lance May and Lunetta disappeared revealing them again. Right after they were reveled, the cameras spotted them and the alarm was triggered thought the building.

As they escaped Lunetta and the others were confronted by guard in the parking lot as Lunetta's twillian time pendant started to glow, the box in her bag that held the fused shadows that Midna gave her reacted with Lunetta's charm.  As Lunetta was about to fuse she said to Lance, "Go and find cover take everyone with you I will deal with this."

As Lunetta fused she did not notice the box's reaction after fusing she realized that she looked completely different from her normal fused form her neck was longer and she now had a serpent like tail along with a mane of white fire that covered parts of her body. Covering her head was the reconstructed fused shadow mask as well as fused shadows for a pair of wings.

While looking at herself she said to herself "Oh my god I have a tail." Knowing that she said that to herself she did not know that Lance herd her as well "I can here you Lunetta and I like your tail. If you can here me back it’s probably because your part triforce user as well as twillian so you are probably the most powerful thing here doesn’t use your gift for evil Lunetta" said Lance to Lunetta telepathically. "Your right Lance I can here you but stay out of sight and let me work my magic." 

As Lunetta confronted the guards this powerful creature released pulses of white fire like energy scorching the guards. She also whipped the guards with her serpent like tail.  After a while of attacking Lunetta remembered what Lance said to her about not using her magic for evil. Searching for a place to escape, Lunetta flew behind a tall buildings shadow and disappeared.

As the guards chases the creature into the shadow they lost the creatures trail after the guards were gone, Lance and his friends went into the shadow to find Lunetta. While May and Mitch looked around, Lance tried to telepathically talk to Lunetta. "Lunetta where are you I know that you are in one of these shadows around here so where are you?"

After Lance said that Lunetta answered him telepathically, "Check the dumpster next to Mitch. Tell him to move over a bit because he is on top of the shadow I'm in."  As Lance met up with Mitch he said to him, "Can you step off of this shadow for a minute please?" As Mitch looked down he saw that this shadow looked different from the others and he moved off of it.

As Lunetta jumped out of the shadow she looked back to normal except for her twillian time pendant witch has changed from a blue sphere into a clear sphere with bits of energy inside of the sphere. As Lunetta approached Lance she said to him, "This is really weird my shadow magic changed from a blue energy type to a white flame like energy” Lance then said to Lunetta “They say that white fire is the strongest type of fire out there so its probably a reaction from the fused shadows that you have where did you get those anyways?” Then Lunetta replied “It was a gift from a friend.”

Lunetta paused then said again,  “ I have a really bad headache now but good job back there let’s bring these guys home" as Lance and May returned everyone that was held captive home Lunetta asked Blake something "Hey Blake who is your dad he seemed not normal if he is obsessed with triforce energy how did this happen to him?"

As Blake explained to Lunetta about his dad from the start of it all to the fact that he was obsessed with triforce energy and that he thinks it was his fault for the entire thing." After explaining, Lunetta asked Blake "Let me get this straight your dad has a bit of triforce energy inside of him changing his mentality around making him want more power correct?" "Yes that's right" Blake paused then said again, "Why is that a good thing?" "No it's not a good thing but I can help out with situation. We need to go back there tonight and get that last mirror piece from him because I know he has it." As Lunetta and the three triforce users snuck back into the building that night, Lance shielded the four of them from view and they ventured into the building hoping to find the last mirror piece.


What was that thing Lunetta changed into while fusing with her twillian time pendant? Why did her twillian time pendant change around? How did Lance talk to Lunetta while in her fused form? And will Lunetta finish her mission on time?
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As they reentered the HP building the four of them split up in search of the shard May and Lance paired up together while Blake and Lunetta went straight to Blake's dad’s office. As they arrived there, Blake noticed that the cameras were off like there were expected to not be seen. As Blake and Lunetta entered the office, they saw a man in a white lab coat looking out the window of the office.

As the man noticed the two of them he said to Lunetta "I know what you are twillian. One of your kind came here before you trying to help out the triforce users master there abilities but unlike that twillian you have a far stronger energy pattern then the one that came before you. I'm glad you came to this office because ever sense the last twillian left this place, my new target was not only triforce power but shadow magic as well.

As I studied up on your species, I learned that you are like triforce users but your kind can use your abilities when ever you want and at any level of power. So before you destroy me entirely twillian I have something of yours in this building." After he said that Dr. Powers flipped a switch on his desk self destructing the entire building. After he flipped the switch he said to Lunetta, “this building will be in ruins in 10 minutes but either you leave now and never get the mirror piece you want or die in the ruble, its up to you.”

Meanwhile as Lance and May wandered the hallways undetected, the floor of the building started to crumble away. As Lance avoided the crumbling floor, May held on to the flooring trying not to let go. As May lost her grip Lance quickly grabbed her hand and slowly pulled her up onto solid ground.

"Thanks Lance" said May in relief. "But why did you do it?" Lance sighed then said to May, "Because I've been noticing that ever since we met that day at school I've been growing closer and closer to you. I no that you might not agree with me but I love you May that's why I saved you." May smiled at Lance looked into his eyes blushes then said softly, "Thank you Lance I never wanted to tell you this but I feel the same way about you” then the two of them kissed romantically.   

Meanwhile in Dr. Powers office, "I have the mirror piece that you wanted but you have to kill me to get it. As Dr. Powers took the mirror piece he remembered that his son would let nothing happen to him. As Lunetta approached Dr. Powers, Blake said to Lunetta, "Don't hurt my dad Lunetta I know that he has done bad things but he is not bad himself."

As Lunetta confronted Blake's dad she said to him, "Before I wanted to kill this guy. But because I'm part twillian I will always be true to my word. But Dr. Powers your theory failed you about what I am." "And why is that twillian" answered Dr. Powers. "Because," then Lunetta took the drain gun that Lance gave her and shoved it under Dr. Powers throat then said, "I'm part human too."

All of a sudden Lunetta triggered the weapon draining all of the triforce energy out of Dr. Powers body as well as his memories of the past events related to triforce energy as well. As Dr. Powers lays on the floor, Lunetta took the drain gun and placed it into her bag, then said "This nonsense is over. When he wakes up he will remember nothing about the triforce power."

Lunetta paused and said to Blake, "I need you to do the rest Blake tell him what he needs to know, what he doesn’t know will not harm him." As Lunetta took the last shard from Dr. Powers Lance and May met up with Lunetta and Blake. As the three of them left the building they noticed that the build stopped crumbling and returned to normal.

 While in the parking lot, Blake said to Lunetta, "Thank you Lunetta for your help. My dad will hopefully love me for being me and not for my triforce power." "Lunetta smiled at Blake and said to him, "It's not a crime to be yourself remember that Blake." As Lunetta approached Lance and May she said to the two, "You know something you two make a cute couple. But I need to go to the museum and put the mirror of twilight together again; do you two lovebirds want to come along?" Lance looked at May then said to Lunetta, "No I think we will be ok now we have big plans ahead of us now." "So do I" replied Blake. The HP co is going to change its ways. We will use the company for good in the world not evil I declare it."

As Lance and May were about to leave, Lunetta said one last thing to them "You want to know who I am still Lance, "Yes I do" replied Lance "My name is Lunetta Crepisillan and you know my mom her name is Midna Crepisillan and in a few years she will need your guys a help to raise her half human kids. Like I said before to you when we met I'm Lunetta but my friends call me Carol Felch raise me and my sister with lots of love ok?"

Lance was speechless for a while then he said to Lunetta, "ok Carol be careful getting home" Lunetta said bye to Lance then Lunetta said to May "Bye fancy pants I will see you both later on.” Then the four of them went there separate ways.

As Lunetta arrived at the museum, she entered the room with the Mirror of Twilight frame and placed the pieces in place. After rotating the frame Lunetta's VC started to ring it was Stellana with some news, "Nice job with the mirror Lunetta come back home now you’re done over there" then the VC shut down.

As Lunetta was about to go home she stopped by Lance’s house and told Carolyn Felch something, "Tell Lance to have this sword it's a special sword that is passed down to his descendants from my mom." As Lunetta laid the Sword of Twilight on the table she looked at the house one last time realizing that this was her home while growing up.   

Lunetta smiled then said bye to Carolyn and left the house.

After returning to the Twilight Realm Lunetta told her sister everything that happened from the start to the ending. After telling Stellana about her quest, Stellana said to Lunetta, "After all we have been through I still don't know why my adopted mother’s nickname for me was fancy pants" Lunetta giggled then said to Stellana, "that's history Stellana and that will never change.

Meanwhile in Hyrule city about 20 years after Lunetta’s’ Visit “We will take good care of your kids Midna” Said Lance to Midna “I will one day repay you two for your help Lance and May” replied Midna. Lance looked at May and said to Midna, “You already have paid us back but we will take good care of our fraternal twin daughters with lots of love and care”  

Midna said goodbye then left. After she was gone Lance and May named the two babies. The one with the somewhat pointed ears was named Star or Estel. And the one with the more rounded ears was named Moon or Carol after Lance’s Mother Carolyn Felch.


The end