Midna's Story Part 1 Protagonists 

here are pictures of our heroes in this story

art done by Brandon Cardoza

Midna: she is an imp like creature that asks for Link's help along her journey

Link: he is a 19 year old triforce user that was requested to help Midna along her journey


Wolf Link: Link strangely changes into this form every time he enters the Twilight Realm

                        Midna's Story Part 1



Twilight Princess

By Carolyn Felicetta




It was another world entirely. In the opposite world of where the sun shines bright, the citizens of that world became shadows that couldn't mingle with light. Eventually most came to call this land the Twilight Realm, and from it none could return to the world of light from which these magic dwellers were banished. They forever were doomed to live in the twilight. Thriving in the half-light, the dusk, living like mere shadows in a world, a realm next to their former home Hyrule...


Several hundred years later...

It all starts with a banishment, and betrayal, when the royal family of the Twilight Realm denies the request of a humble servant. The servant’s request was permission to become the next ruler of their land. Banished, and now unable to use magic, the servant turned to the mercy of the gods, and was granted an evil power, but in return the servant must obey this dark god’s every command. With this new overwhelming power, the servant overthrew the empire of twilight, and transformed the only heir to the throne into a beast as well as all who lived there. Longing for revenge, this princess of twilight frantically searched the land far and wide for the hero that would save her and the land of twilight that she lived in...



Midna's Story

Part 1


Twilight Princess

By Carolyn Felicetta


 Part 1

As the sun rises over the Ordon Village, Link awakens from his bed to see his younger sister Illya with a wide-eyed smile. “Good morning big brother,” she said. “Your boss needs you at the Ordon Ranch for herding goats.” Still half asleep, Link gets out of bed, stretches, then answers “Good morning Illya where’s Epona your older sister?” Illya looked at Link and said, “She’s outside with the horse waiting for you.”    

Link is a 19-year-old boy who is good with animals, and he loves to show off his swordsman skills to his sisters. He also is not afraid to take bold risks, and is the junior leader of his tribe. After waking up a bit, Illya gives Link a big grin and says, “See you outside!” Then she dashed out the door. As Link steps outside, he hears a frightful scream as a big monster riding an even bigger warthog-like thing picks up his two sisters and starts to ride away. In attempt to save them, Link get’s knocked out and was taken away as well.   

Still stunned, Link awakens in surprise to see it is already twilight.  But as he gains his senses, Link realizes he is not a human anymore. He has somehow apparently became a wolf, and was chained up in what looked like a prison cell. Link was shocked. How could this happen to him? He went from farm boy, to captive, to prisoner all in a span of half a day. Thinking about it for several hours clawing and biting away at the chain on his leg, Link hears something like footsteps on the other side of the cell door.      

As Link was trying to figure out what it is, a small strange looking creature hops over the cell door into Links cell. “I found you at last!” It said with excitement to Link. This strange looking 1' 3" creature was white and black with strange blue patterns all down its arms and legs. It had a strange, yet ancient looking horned hat upon its head that covered its right eye. It also had orange hair with a short ponytail to pin it back, and had yellow eyes with red pupils, as well as one sharp tooth on the upper right side of its smile.    

As Link was growling madly at this thing, it said to Link, “Ooh, aren’t you scary? You know something, growling at me won’t do anything,” it said. “I was going to help you get out if you were nice." Knowing now that this creature was friendly, Link stopped growling and sat up straight. With a giggle, the creature said to Link, “Wow, you humans are obedient to a certain point.” After a short pause it said, “But you aren't a human anymore are you?” Annoyed by this creature’s talk, Link was going to say, “Stop talking”, but all that came out was, “Bark bark.” Jumping back in surprise, the little creature giggled and said, “No need to bite, I told you I would help.” Closing its eyes, the little creature put its hands together to form a purple ball of energy, which it shot at Link’s chain and broke it. Looking surprised, Link was happy to be free, but wondered, “How did it do that?” Giggling, the creature said to Link, “Ok, you are free now. I bet you are wondering where you are, huh?”    

Looking out the window it apparently looked exactly the same time as when he woke up; still twilight. Giggling even more, the creature said to Link, “You know, if you can get to the other side of this cell door maybe I will tell you,” as it warped to the other side of the cell door where Link was not.  

Sniffing around with his new high-powered senses, Link found a place to dig under the door. So he did, and was finally out of that prison cell. Once the digging was done, he realized the little creature was gone but could still hear it giggling from somewhere. As Link wondered where it went, he felt something land on his back.  It was that little creature giggling like crazy. Then it said to Link, “Looks like you are not completely stupid after all.” 

 Link tried to wiggle it off but it was no use. “Hey stop fidgeting,” it said. “Since I got you out, you must to do exactly as I say in return for helping you.” Giggling it said, “But you aren’t forgetting anything are you?” It asked Link. With another giggle it said, “Like your sisters perhaps? Don’t you want to save them?”        

Hearing that, Link would do anything for this creature to help then he nodded at it. He was ready to help it out. The creature smiled and said “Good. Now that that’s done, my name is Midna.” He realized that this creature was female. Pulling on Link’s ears, Midna said to Link, “Let's get going. We have a long journey ahead of us.” Then Link ran out the door hoping to find a way out of the building.       

As Link ran down a long tunnel, he and Midna were stopped by two monstrous looking rats. One of the rats spoke to Midna, “Hey what are you doing with the prisoner? That guy is very dangerous.” Then Midna said to the rat, “What, this wolf? He’s a dumb beast; how dangerous can he be?” Then the other rat spoke to Midna, “That guy is not a ordinary wolf; this guy was once a human and has the sacred triforce on the top of his right hand. The boy’s name is Link, Master Zant told us so.”  

 Midna then cracked an evil grin and thought to herself, “Yes, this is the guy I’ve been looking for.” Then one of the rats said to Midna, “By any chance, have you seen the Twilight Princess? Master Zant is offering a big reward for anyone who finds her.” Then Midna glared at the rats then said, “I have seen her, but I never really got to know her.” Then the rat asked her, “ Well do you know where she is?” Midna looked at the rat giggled then said, “Well, I know she lives in the Twilight Realm, and she rules there, so maybe you should look there.” Then the rat said to Midna, “We checked the Twilight Realm already.”  Then Midna giggled and said again, “You sure you checked everywhere? Even the expanded parts like around here for instance?”  Then the other rat looked at her skeptically and said, “We checked everywhere in the Twilight Realm you sure you haven’t seen her?” Then Midna replied, “Nope, haven’t seen her, maybe you should try somewhere else.” After that the two rats scurried off.   

After they were gone, Midna sighed in relief. Then she looked at Link and said to him, “Hey we’re not there yet keep moving. I don’t trust anyone, especially rats!” Then Link continued running hoping to find a way out.

While running down a flight of stairs, Midna pulled on Link’s ears and Link stopped. Two seconds later a door opened about a foot away from them. “Hmm,” wondered Midna, “We need a different way out of here. That guard in the doorway would not be happy to see us running around loose like this.” Midna said while looking around the room, but before she could say anything else, Link found an open window then jumped out of it.

Link was completely shocked to see that it was still twilight outside not nighttime or even daybreak. “So Link,” Midna asked, “Know where you are now?” Still slightly puzzled, Link shook his head no. Midna sighed, and then said, “Well, I guess a promise is a promise. Fine, I will tell you where we are. This place that you entered, where the sun never rises, and the night never shows is called the Twilight Realm.” Midna paused for a moment, then said, “I am still wondering how you got here. But, besides that point, I will warp you back to your village.”

Right as she said that, she snapped her fingers, and a strange looking doorway-like portal appeared in front of Link. As Link stepped into the portal and out the other side, he was back in his little village of Ordon like nothing happened. With a giggle, Midna said to Link, “Just because you can’t see me, doesn't mean I’m not here.” Looking around to find her, Midna said to Link, “I will be in your shadow; so if you need me for anything, let me know.”

Looking around the village, Link realized he was still a wolf and panicked. Seeing this, Midna said to Link, “You know, you won’t turn back to a human any time soon. Sucks for you, well, at least you now have high power senses.” Then Link was getting upset at Midna and tried to say to her “Look, just because I am a wolf doesn’t mean I am a dumb beast.” But all that came out was “Bark Bark!” Then Midna pulled on Link’s ear and said to him, “Quit barking! You’re annoying me. Anyways, Because of that, you need to find protection to help us.”

Wondering what he could use, Link heard some voices by the next house. It was the blacksmith and the mayor arguing about something. Getting ready to ignore them and leave their conversation, Link’s ears perked up when he heard the word sword. “Do you have it safely hidden away?” Said the mayor to the blacksmith. “Yes, it’s fine.” Said the blacksmith, “It is on top of my bookshelf in the living room of my house.”

Relieved to hear that, Link dashed towards the blacksmith’s house and jumped through an open window to get in. As he entered the living room, Midna said to Link, “What are you doing Link?” Then Link leaped on top of the bookshelf to find a nice sharp-looking sword. “Oh!” said Midna, “Nice choice of protection,” She said as she grabbed the sword and put it in her bag. “But where is the shield that goes with it?”  

Link had to think about it for a moment. “Shield, shield, where would I find a shield?” After thinking, Link realized he saw one in Epona’s friends house, hanging on the back wall of their kitchen.  As Link ran towards the house, he saw that in front of the house, a few towns-folk that were laughing and enjoying an after dinner chat.

“Did you here that Link was gone all day?” Said one of the town’s folk. Then another one said, “No worries, he is probably wielding his sword or hangout with the goats, something like that.” Then another person said, “Well I herd he was abducted by monsters.” Then the conversation went quiet for a few second then everyone laughed at that statement.

Knowing that Link couldn’t go that way, he used his high powered senses, and found a way in by digging a hole under the side of the house. Once in, Link saw the shield hanging on the wall in the kitchen like before. Wondering how to get it down, Link had an idea. Then out of nowhere, Link bashed his head into the wall then the shield fell on the ground right in front of Link and Midna.

“Well,” said Midna, “That’s what I call using your head!” After Midna took the shield and placed it in her bag, the two of them got out the same way they came in. Then they headed towards the woods on the outskirts of the Ordon Village to find a way to change Link back into a human.

While riding on Link through the forest, Midna thought of something she didn’t before. “Hey Link,” She said, “Lets go back to the Twilight Realm. I know someone there that might help you change back into a human. Lets warp there through this portal.” Then Midna snapped her fingers and a doorway-like portal appeared right in front of them. As Link stepped in the portal and out the other side, he was back in the land of unending twilight, the Twilight Realm.

Then Midna said to Link, “Do you know where Hyrule Castle is? Apparently the Twilight Realm has spread, and is now covering the Hyrule Castle and half of Hyrule Fields as well.” Hearing about that, Link was outraged. His home was not far from the Hyrule Fields. Link had to do something before it was too late. “Well,” Said Midna, “If we go to the castle I think I know someone who can help you there. Lets go.” Then Link ran through the Hyrule fields, which were now engulfed in twilight, towards the castle to seek help.

As they approached the castle, Link and Midna saw a huge monster guarding the front entrance of the castle. Knowing that they would get caught if sighted, Link saw an open window on the second level of the castle. As Link wondered how to get up there, Midna said, “Hey, that window; it’s kind of high to just jump up into; I’ll be happy to warp us up there, if you would like?” Link nodded yes to Midna, then she said to Link, “Ok this will only take a moment.” Then Midna snapped her fingers and they warped onto the second level windowsill in less then thirty seconds. “My transport skills are pretty good.” Said Midna to Link. Then she said, “Come on Link, let’s go in the castle.” Then the two of them entered the opened window leading into the castle.

Once in the castle, Link noticed a cloaked figure next to a window staring at the twilight that had covered the Hyrule Castle. Link barked to get the figures attention. Then the cloaked figures turned around, approached Link, and pet the top of his head.  Once done petting Link, the cloaked figure looked over at Midna and gasped. “What are you doing here in Hyrule Midna?” The cloaked figure asked Midna. Link was in shock. How did this person know Midna? Was it a friend of hers, or did they know each other from somewhere?  “Oh!” said Midna “I’m helping this guy turn back into a human.” Then the cloaked person said in surprise, “Really? This wolf was once a human?” Midna nodded and said, “Yes. Some dark magic turned him into a wolf. Can you help him out?”

Looking at Link, the cloaked person took off their hood to revel that this person was a beautiful woman with a jeweled tiara, long blond hair, pig-tails, and pointed ears just like him.  Then the pretty lady said to Midna This guy is just an ordinary wolf I cant help him.”  Then Midna said angrily to the pretty lady, “If this guy is an ordinary wolf how can I be riding on his back, how could I’ve led him here?” Then the pretty lady said to Midna, “Yes you are right.”

After that the pretty lady turned towards Link and said to him, “If you are truly a human, come here.” Then Link walked over to the pretty lady and sat next to her. Then the pretty lady said in shock, “Wow he is human, how did this happen to him?” Then Midna said, “Like I said before, dark magic did this to him. So can you help him out or not?” 

Raising her right hand up in front of Link, he noticed that her hand glowed with three triangles that formed a pyramid; one on top, and two on bottom. The bottom left triangle glowed gold unlike the others. “Hmm,” said the pretty lady to Midna, “I can’t help him. But maybe he can help himself by helping Hyrule.”

Looking at Link, then looking back at the lady, Midna asked the lady, “How can he do that?” Then the lady turned toward Link and told him, “Beyond this castle to the north of here is a sacred spring that can heal the sick and wounded from any sort of harm. Go there brave beast, and maybe something can help you there.” Then the pretty lady vanished into the darkness of the castle. “Ok Link,” said Midna. “This spring is also apparently covered by twilight, so we should be extra carful getting there because the way there is probably guarded by monsters.” Link nodded at Midna, and the two were off to the spring.

After leaving the Hyrule Castle, Link starting heading north when suddenly, they were stopped by a figure wearing a pointed helmet that covered his entire head, with golden boots, and a black robe that had strange blue patterns on the sleeves and chest. Strangely, the blue patterns on his robe matched the type of blue patterns on Midna’s arms and legs.

As the strange figure walked closer towards them, Midna got off of Link and said to the figure “What are you doing so far away from the Twilight Realm Zant? Finding more cities to overthrow?” Hearing this, the strange figure replied, “No, I’m looking for you, Midna.” As the strange figure said that, Midna screamed and hid behind Link “Don’t let him take me away!” Midna cried while shivering in fright. Then the strange figure said to Midna, “Come with me Midna. I need your power.”

Still frightened Midna said, “Why do you need me Zant? Don’t you have enough power without me?” As Midna said that, Zant said to Midna, “Don’t you want the Twilight Realm to expand? With more land engulfed by twilight, the people of the Twilight Realm would have more freedom to live wherever they want. Don’t you agree, Midna?” Glaring at Zant, Midna said nothing.

Then Zant said to Midna, “No? How sad, knowing that we both descended from the same origins. I thought you would like this magnificent thing I am doing for the people of twilight.” As Midna glared at Zant she said “You disgust me with your evil magical habits.” Then turning to Link and hopping on his back, Midna said, “Come on Link, let’s get to the spring.” So they left Zant, and headed north towards the spring. “I’m warning you Midna,” echoed Zant, “Those who defy their king will suffer the consequences!” Then Zant disappeared into the twilight. 


Who is this mysterious Midna? Why would she defy her king? Will Link save his sisters and turn back into a human? And who is this cloaked pretty lady with the pyramid pattern on the top of her right hand?

Find out more in...



Twilight Princess

Part 2




Twilight Princess


Part 2

 Once Link and Midna arrived at the spring, they were shocked. The spring wasn’t only covered in twilight, but it was teaming with monsters as well. “Oh perfect,” Midna said sarcastically “This place is infested with monsters, like ants to a cookie. What do we do now Link?”

Link didn’t have much time to think, because the monsters were heading right towards them. Link attacked one of the monsters, and the monster disappeared. Link attacked one more monster, then two, then three, Link attacked every monster that was in the spring, and the monsters disappeared.

After the monsters were gone, the twilight around the spring faded away to reveal a beautiful sunrise over the spring. Then, Link and Midna heard a strange yet soothing voice coming from the spring itself. “Oh chosen hero, accept this gift we give to you.” All of a sudden, a white light covered Link and changed him back into a human.

Thrilled to be back to normal, Link looked at Midna and asked her, “What do you need help with Midna?” Then Midna smiled and said to Link, “Now that you are a human again, I need you to go with me to a volcanic region of Hyrule called Death Mountain. There, I need you to retrieve a thing called a fused shadow shard that lies deep in the Goron Mines, right above the Kakariko Village.”

Wondering what a fused shadow shard is Link said to Midna, “Ok let’s go and find this fused shadow shard.” Then out of nowhere as the sun peaked over the horizon and hit the spring, Midna hid in Links shadow again. Wondering why Midna does that, he asked her, “Hey Midna why do you like my shadow?” Then Midna replied nervously, “Let’s just say where I am from their is not much sunlight.” Still wondering about it, Link just went along with it and said with a smile, “Ok Midna I get it.” Then the two of them were off toward the Kakariko Village to get the fused shadow shard from the Goron Mines.

That night while getting ready to leave for the Mines, Link realized something. He said to Midna, “Hey Midna,” then Midna replied back while packing the sword and shield they got, “Yes Link what is it?” Then Link asked her again, “Can we warp to my village? I forgot something there.”  Then Midna turned towards Link and said, “That would be kind of hard, because this part of Hyrule is not covered in twilight, so my power isn’t that strong compared to when we are in twilight.” 

Looking at Midna in confusion, Link said, “What about that time in the Ordon Forest when we needed to go back to the Twilight Realm? You warped then.”  Midna said to Link, “Because we were warping to the Twilight Realm then, not somewhere that is not covered in twilight. It’s sort of complicated Link.” Then Link replied, “Oh, ok Midna. Well, looks like we will walk then” Midna said to Link, “Well that’s good then, your village is on the way there, so we could stop by to pick your item up on the way.” Then Midna yawned then said again “We should get some sleep Link. Tomorrow's going to be a long journey so we need our rest.” So the two of them fell asleep under the stars.

The next morning Link awoke to Midna yelling, “HEY WAKE UP!! This isn’t the weekend! We have a lot of walking to do remember?” As Link sat up and stretched, he said to Midna “Ok I’m up; lets go.” While standing up Link was thinking about his sisters Illya and Epona and wondered if he would ever see them again. Then Link and Midna were off to Kakariko Village.

After a few hours of walking through the Hyrule Fields, Link spotted the entrance to the Ordon Village “We finally made it back home!” Link cheerfully said to Midna. “Your home Link, not mine.” Midna replied while hiding in Link’s shadow. As Link entered the village, he stopped by the blacksmith’s house to ask him about something, “Hey boss, have you seen my iron boots anywhere? I need them.” Then the blacksmith replied, “Yeah there in the shed by the back door.” He paused then asked Link, “Hey Link why do you need them anyway?” Then Link told the blacksmith “I’m going to the Goron Mines.” The blacksmith eyed Link carefully then looked at his shadow, and back at him. Then he said to Link, “Ok, but be careful there. The Goron Tribe doesn't take to humans lightly.” Then the blacksmith went back to work.

Once done in the Ordon Village, Link and Midna traveled south towards Death Mountain where the Goron Mines are.  After walking for an hour, Link realized it was really hot and humid where they were. It reminded him of somewhere he has been before but he couldn't think of where it it’s from.

Then, Midna gasped and said to Link “Look a wall of twilight! We can’t go any farther unless,” then Midna paused then said again, “If we continue into the twilight you will turn into a wolf again. Are you ok with that Link?” Then Link said to Midna, “Anything for my sisters.” So Link closed his eyes and entered the wall then disappeared into the Twilight Realm.

Once he opened his eyes he was a wolf again and Midna was riding on his back like usual. “Come on Link, the Kakariko Village is this way.” Said Midna as she pointed south towards a huge looking volcano. As they traveled towards the Kakariko Village they encountered many monsters. But Link was not scared, he either attacked them or evaded them, but he made it to the village.

Upon entering the Kakariko Village, Link and Midna were surprised to see that it was completely abandoned. “Something is not right here,” said Midna to Link. “This Village is completely empty.” Then Midna said, “Lets head towards the Goron Mines we have to cut through the local spring to get there.” 

As they entered the local spring, it was teaming with monsters just like the last spring was. “Hey Link,” said Midna “I am really getting tired of all these monsters what about you?” Link nodded at Midna then attacked the monsters that were covering the spring. Once all the monsters disappeared from the spring, the twilight vanished to revel a pretty looking sunset over the horizon.

Then Link and Midna herd a soothing voice coming from the spring itself “Oh chosen hero by the gods, please accept the gift we give to you.” Then a white light covered Link and he turned back into a human. After Link was back to normal, Midna said, “Hasn’t this happen before Link? You know, exterminating monsters, reviving the spring, turning human again, you get what I’m saying?” Then Link looked at Midna and said, “No, not really Midna, it’s probably because we’re all tired out from traveling.” Then Midna replied “Maybe you’re right Link, I am tired from traveling too, lets go to bed.” Then the two of them fell asleep under the moonlight.

The next morning as Link walked through the Kakariko Village with Midna hiding in his shadow, he realized that the village was completely surrounded by people. There were morning markets galore. After Link bought a new shield from a merchant, he asked Midna, “Hey, what happened to the emptiness Midna?” Then Midna said to Link, “I guess since now that the twilight is gone the towns people aren’t scared to come out. I wouldn’t blame them. With all these monsters wondering around the twilight covered places of Hyrule, I would be scared too.”

After she said that, out of nowhere, Link’s horse ran through the village in a rampage. As Link saw this he said to Midna, “How did Epona get here? I’ve got to calm her down.” So Link chased the wild horse around the village until he caught up with her. As Link caught up with Epona, he pet her gently, then she calmed down. 

Surprised to see that Link calmed Epona down so fast, Midna said to Link, “You know, your good with animals, but isn’t Epona your sisters name?” Then Link said to Midna, “Yah I named my horse after my sister because she is kind and gentle.” Then Link paused and said again, “I really do miss them.” Then Midna said to Link, “Are you ready to go in the Goron Mines? We need that fused shadow shard before Zant gets more powerful and covers the whole world in twilight!” Then Link nodded at Midna and they were off to climb Death Mountain to get to the Goron Mines. 

While climbing, Link saw a strange looking thing that looked like a mix between a rock, a turtle, and a human “What are those things Midna?” Link asked. Then Midna looked over at the thing and said, “That is a Goron Link. They specialize in fighting and mending, but I wouldn't anger one.” Link answered “Ok” Then they climbed on.

Once they reached the top of the mountain, Link felt the ground tremor beneath him for a minute then it stopped “Did I mention that this was an active volcano Link?” asked Midna. Then Link looked at Midna skeptically while walking towards the mountain. As they got closer to the Mines, Link saw more and more Gorons. For some strange reason, all they did was stare at Link as he walked by them.

That night at the mines entrance, Link was stopped by a Goron guarding the entrance.  “What is a human doing here?” It said. As Link was getting ready to speak, Midna piped in and said to the guard, “Do you know what the Twilight Realm is? It’s a place where creatures like you don’t belong. And this place is about to cover all of Hyrule including your home, but if you let us pass through, maybe we can stop it from happening.”

Then the guard said to Midna, “So what, we’ll still be alive so who cares?" Then Midna said angrily, “What! Who cares? This place is your home, don’t you like it? If the Twilight Realm spreads the entire goron culture would be wiped out, and you don’t care at all? Then the guard said to Midna, “Who says the goron culture will be wiped out?  No matter the reason, I can not let you pass to the mines.

”Then Midna looked around and saw that this place was covered with hot springs with plenty of Gorons in them. Then Midna said to the guard again, “That’s too bad, because the natural hot springs will disappear as well. Oh well, I thought the Goron Tribe loved them.” After Midna said that the guard panicked then said, “Ok, you can go through, just don’t tell anyone I let you ok?” Then Midna smiled and said “Thank you for letting us pass.” Then Link and Midna entered the Goron Mines.

While entering, Link asked Midna, “Will the hot springs really disappear Midna?” After Link asked that, Midna answered, “No I just said that so we could get through to the mines.” Then Link looked at her and said, “Oh ok then.” Then they were off to find the fused shadow shard.

As they entered the mines, Link noticed that lava was almost everywhere. The only places it was not were these weird turquoise pathways that were magnetic. “Hey Link,” said Midna, “Those iron boots will come in handy now.” Then Link asked Midna, “Why is that Midna?” Then Midna replied, “Because metal is magnetic” Then she smiled at Link. So Link put on his iron boots and walked upon the turquoise path even on the walls and celling of the mine.

“Look, Link” said Midna, “a doorway let’s go through it.” So Link and Midna walked through the doorway. Once in the room, the door behind them closed. As Link tried to open it, but the door wouldn't budge. As they walked into the room they saw a round turquoise floor like before, but unlike the other one, this one was hung over a room filled with boiling lava.

“Hmm,” said Midna while looking around, “This is a strange room.” Then Midna looked up then said “Link look out!”  When Link heard that, he too looked up and saw a large buff armored Goron jump down onto the circular turquoise flooring. The Goron looked at Link then said, “I guard this place from intruders, if you beat me, I will let you pass.” Then the armored buff Goron rolled up into a ball and rolled towards Link. Because the armored buff Goron was so heavy, the chains holding the circular turquoise floor broke, and the floor was now floating on the bubbling lava.

As the armored buff Goron rolled closer towards Link, he grabbed it then threw it in the lava while wearing his iron boots. In surprise, Midna said to Link, “Where did you learn to do that?”  Then Link answered, “Years of goat herding practice. It’s not that easy to do.”  After Link said that, the armored buff Goron jumped out of the lava and landed on the circular turquoise floor, walked up to Link, then said, “Nice work, you are the first one that has ever beat me. You can pass through.” Then Midna said to Link, “Yes! We got through to the Deep Goron Mines were almost there Link.” After Midna said that Link said, “Lets go.”

When they entered the deeper part of the mines, Link noticed that there was only one door. Then Midna said to Link with caution, “Be carful in there Link. Something big is in there, and I don’t think it is happy.” Then Link nodded at Midna, and then they entered the room.

Once in, the door closed behind them. Link tried to open it but it was no use. As Link was trying to open the door Midna looked behind her then gasped in horror, “Link look behind you.” Midna said in terror. Link did, and saw a huge flaming monster with black mask and a red glowing gem in the middle of his forehead. It was chained up in the middle of the room.

“Well at least he is chained up right?” said Midna. As they stepped closer to the flaming beast, it gave a blood-curdling roar. It broke the chains by pulling on them, leaving the chain dragging behind it. It stampeded around the room, rocking the room with each step. 

Link was freaked out, thinking what to do, when Midna thought of something first. “Look Link! The floor is turquoise! Quickly, put your iron boots on! Then grab its chains and pull with all your might. Maybe we can make him fall down.” So Link did what she said and indeed the flaming beast fell down.

Then Midna said “Good now slash his forehead with your sword.”  Then Link let go of the chains, and slashed the red glowing gem about five times until the gem broke and the mask came off of the monster’s head.

Once off, the huge monsters flames went out like an extinguished campfire, and it shrunk to the size of a normal Goron. “Thank you. That mask is cursed. Take it away.” It said gratefully to Link. Then Midna looked at the mask and said in delight, “It’s the fused shadow shard! Link, no wonder this Goron looked like a big flaming monster! Thank you Goron!” The goron said to Midna, “No thank you! By the way, my name is Fyrus.” Then Midna said to Fyrus, “Hi! I’m Midna, and this is Link,”

Then Midna turned towards Link and said, “Let’s get out of here Link.” Then she snapped her fingers and a portal appeared right in front of Link. Then Link stepped in the doorway and out the other side. Once out of the portal, Link was in Kakariko’s local spring to see a beautiful sunset over the horizon. “Well, that’s one shard! We have two left to find Link.” Said Midna, “Lets get some sleep.” She said. After Midna said that the two of them fell asleep under the stars.  




Why is Midna searching for these mysterious, yet powerful fused shadow shards? Will Zant capture Midna for her power?  And will Link ever save his sisters?

Find out more in...



Twilight Princess

Part 3




Twilight Princess


Part 3

        As Link woke up, it was already daylight and Midna was in his shadow. “Well, you slept in late this morning.” Said Midna to Link, “Now that you’re up, I need your help to get the second fused shadow shard. It lies deep in the Ordon Forest that’s by your home. Let’s go!”

After Link stretched, he stood up then said “Good morning Midna. Lets get going” so the two of them headed back towards the Ordon Forest to get the second fused shadow shard. As they approached the village gate, Link gasped as he saw that his village was covered in twilight. Then Midna said to Link, “Stupid Zant he's probably still looking for me. He thinks he can get to me by finding you. That’s even low for him.” Midna said to Link.

Then she said again, “You remember what happens when you enter the Twilight Realm Link?” Then Link nodded and said to Midna, “Yes, I do Midna.” Then Midna said, “But you still want to go in anyway?” Link nodded at Midna, closed his eyes then entered the Twilight Realm. Once Link opened his eyes. He was a wolf again, and Midna was riding on his back.

“Well if are going to save your village, we better get moving.” Midna said to Link. He nodded at Midna, then ran toward the Ordon Village, which was now covered in twilight. Once there, the village was empty. “Just like Kakariko Village” said Midna, “When it was in the Twilight Realm, the people were nowhere to be seen. We must do something Link!”  Midna said.

Thinking of what to do, Link thought of something he didn’t before, “When the monsters disappeared at the springs near the twilight-covered villages, the village was restored, maybe the village’s spring held the key.” So Link ran to the spring that was near the Ordon Village. To his surprise, it was also teaming with monsters. 

Then Midna said to Link, “We have to make these monsters disappear. It’s the only way to save the village.” Then Link nodded at Midna and attacked all the monsters infesting the spring. Once the monsters were gone, the twilight vanished to reveal a nice sunny afternoon.

Then after Midna hid in Link’s shadow, they herd a soothing voice coming from the spring itself, “Oh chosen hero with the sacred triforce on the right hand, accept this gift we give to you.” Then a white light covered Link and he turned back into a human. Once Link was a human, he was so happy, he said, “I am going back to see my family now that the twilight is gone.” Then Midna sighed and said stiffly, “Good for you Link.”

Link was wondering why every time he mentioned his family, Midna seemed upset so he asked her, “Do you have a family Midna?” Midna turned toward Link and said with grief, “I did have a family once, they were all killed.” Link was shocked to hear this, and asked, “Who killed your family Midna?”

After Link asked that, Midna looked at Link and started to tear up, then said, “Zant killed my family, every last one of them. That is why I hate him. Yet I am completely terrified of him and what he did to my family as well as what he might do to me.” Then Midna went back into Link’s shadow and said nothing the rest of the afternoon.

After the sunset on the Ordon Village, Link said to Midna, “Don’t worry, once we find the last two fused shadow shards I will help you take down Zant. Until then, lets gets some sleep.” Then Link fell asleep. After Link was sleeping, Midna said to him, “Thank you Link. I knew you would help me.” Then Midna smiled sweetly at Link then fell asleep as well.

The next day while traveling through the Ordon Forest, Link encountered a cave entrance made up of a large tree and a monkey sitting in the tree. As Link approached the cave, the monkey came down and blocked Link’s way in. “Crazy monkey.” said Link. Then the monkey looked at Link, and spoke to him, “I am not a monkey I am a baboon. Get it right.”

Link was shocked to see the baboon speak. It said, “Hey human, can you help me out, my friends were taken inside this cave about three days ago and never came out. Can you rescue them for me? I’ll go with you because I know the cave’s layout pretty well.” Link said to the baboon, “Ok I will help you out. By the way, have you seen a thing called a fused shadow shard in that cave by any chance?” Then the baboon said to Link, “I don’t know what you are talking about, but you have to see for yourself. Maybe you will find it.”

So Link and the baboon headed in the cave with Midna hiding in Link’s shadow.  Once in the cave, Link saw a door on the other side of the room, but Link could not get there. As he looked up, he saw a bar-like thing hanging from the ceiling of the cave. As Link was thinking what to do, the baboon said to Link, “I can get you across to that door.” Then the baboon jumped on the bar and swung upside-down so Link could grab on to the baboon’s arms. “Grab onto my hands.”

Link grabbed the baboon’s hands, then it flung Link over to the other side of the room where the door was. Once there, the baboon jumped over to Link then they entered the room. As Link entered, this room was covered with plants. On the other side of the room, Link saw another baboon in a wooden cage on a totem pole-like thing. Then the baboon said to Link, “Look it’s one of my friends! But this room is covered with flytraps. Be carful cutting through it.”

So Link weaved through the carnivorous plants and reached the caged baboon. As Link was wondering how to get it down, Midna said to him, “Knocking it down is the quickest way to do it.” So Link rammed into the pole and the cage fell and broke. As the baboon was freed from the cage, the other baboon came over and cheered, “Yay! That leaves one more friend to find!”

As Link and the baboons went in another room the door closed behind them. “Look it’s dancing!” Said one of the baboons. Then Link turned around and saw a really big baboon shaking it’s big pink butt at Link while sitting on top of a totem pole-like log around a ring of the totem pole like logs.

Then Midna said with rage, “That monkey is going to get it for taunting us like that! Link can you get that monkey for me” Then Link nodded at Midna and started to chase the big baboon. No matter how many times Link tried to get it, the big baboon just hopped over to another pole then Midna said to Link, “Knock it down like the cage remember?” So Link waited for the big baboon to come to the closest pole then Link knocked it down. While the big baboon was still stunned from the fall, Link came over and slashed its big pink butt with his sword.

After slashing the big baboons pink butt about five times, the baboon let out a cry, then ran off. After that, the door opened leading to the deeper part of the cave. Once the door was opened, Link and the two baboons entered to the deeper part of the cave. “Almost there.” Said Midna to Link. Once in, Link realized that there was only one door left. Then Midna said, “Please don’t let it be on fire or really big.” After Midna said that, Link entered the room.

Once he entered, the door closed behind them. Link tried to open it but it was no use. As Link turned around he was hoping to find some huge beast, but instead he found the last baboon sitting on top of a plant in an odd-looking flowerpot. Relieved to see the last baboon safe, Link walked towards it. As he walked onto the plant’s leaves, the plant started to shake violently. Then a huge fly trap-like head came up behind the baboon then swallowed the baboon whole.

“We can’t just leave that monkey to be lunch,” Midna said, “Link save the poor thing!” After Midna said that the huge freaky fly trap opened it’s mouth to revel an enormous eyestalk inside of it’s mouth. While Link was looking at the eye of this huge plant Midna said, “Don’t just look at it, slash at it with your sword!”

So Link slashed the eyestalk about four times then the plant barfed up the baboon then blew up. As the baboon walked towards Link, it was holding the weird flowerpot then it spoke, “Here, this is the thing that changed that plant into a monster. You should take it with you.”

Then Midna looked at the strange flower pot and smiled then said with excitement, “It’s the second fused shadow shard! Link, now that we found this we only have one left to find.” Midna snapped her fingers and a portal appeared in front of Link 

“Hey monkey, can you and your friends make it out from here?” Midna asked the baboon. Then the baboon said to Midna, "If you keep calling me a monkey I will bite you” Then Midna looked at the baboon, raised her arm, then formed a purple ball of energy in the palm of her hand and said to the baboon, “I wouldn’t try that monkey.” Then the baboon replied, “I am a baboon, and yes we can.” Then Link stepped into the portal and out the other side to see he was back at the spring near his village.

That night Link was wondering about Midna’s family and if the fused shadows are just some kind of weapon so she could get revenge on this Zant guy. So Link confronted Midna and said, “Look Midna, we need to talk about things.” Then Midna answered Link, “Like what sort of things Link?” Then Link said,  "The fused shadow shards, are they some kind of weapon so you can get your vengeance or what?” After Link said that, Midna looked at Link then said to him, “First off, what I am about to tell you is completely secret, you might not believe it, but it is true.” Then Link sat down next to Midna and said to her, “Try me.”

So Midna asked Link, “Have you ever heard tales about the Twilight Realm? Like how the royal family was betrayed by their own servant, and how this servant got his revenge by overthrowing the empire? Also how the only heir to the throne was transformed into a beast along with the people who lived in the Twilight Realm?”

Link replied, “Yes, It’s a spooky story that the village kids told around a camp fire. Why do you ask?” Then Midna told Link, “These are not just stories Link. These are actual events that happened to the people of twilight.” Then Link said, “How do you know that Midna?” Midna said to Link, “Because I am that royal heir that was turned into this by Zant!”

Link gasped, and then Midna said, “I was supposed to take the throne a week after the incident happened, the incident that changed the Twilight Realm into a living nightmare.” Then Link asked Midna, “What happened Midna?”

Midna sighed in hesitation then replied, “Zant use to work in the palace as a servant. But when he was denied the role to be leader of the Twilight Realm, he grew rage full and wanted to rule at any cost. Apparently Zant acquired some superior magical qualities from somewhere, and used them to over throw the kingdom. I was no match compared to him. Not only did he change the Twillian empire into monsters, he changed me into...” then Midna paused for a minute, clenched her fists, then said in anger “An imp! A creature that has no royal qualities! I think he did that to bug me.”

Then Midna paused and said again, “That is what the fused shadow shards are for. They’re for changing me back to normal so I can reclaim the throne and stop Zant.” Link said “So why do you need me then, you have your magic; Couldn’t you do it yourself?” After Link said that, Midna said, “In our world there is a legend that the true hero would appear in the Twilight Realm as a divine beast. So when I found you Link, I knew that you were the one to slay Zant and save the Twilight Realm from destruction.”

Then Link said, “You must be joking Midna. Me, a chosen hero?  Yeah sure, what ever you say.” Then Midna grabbed Link’s right hand then said, “Well if I am joking, take a look at this.” Then Midna took the fused shadow shards and put them near Link's right hand. After the fused shadow shards got close enough to Link's right hand the pyramid pattern on the top of his hand started to glow; just like the pretty cloaked lady’s did the night that they visited the Hyrule castle. “See Link, because you have this you were chosen by the gods themselves to be a hero. That’s why I chose you. That is why you turn into a wolf every time you enter the Twilight Realm. And that is why I am not joking about this matter.”

Link was speechless. All he thought was, “Wow, I am a hero that was chosen” Then Midna yawned and said, "We need our rest. Tomorrow we are going to get the last fused shadow shard, so we need to sleep.” Then they fell asleep under the moon light.

Meanwhile, back in the Twilight Realm where Zant is ruling the empire... “Yes my lord, I will start the search for that boy immediately.” Zant said to the god of evil. “Good. Once the whole world is engulfed in twilight, the age of darkness will begin!” As the dark god said that, the pyramid pattern on the top of his right hand started to glow. Then Zant said to the dark god, “I will praise you until I die oh great Ganindorf!” Then the dark god laughed evilly.


Is Midna really a princess? Will Link find the last fused shadow shard in time? And will Zant cover the whole world in twilight, or will Link stop him?

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Twilight Princess

Part 4




Twilight Princess


Part 4

The next morning, Link woke up before the sun rose. He got up, headed toward the spring that lay behind where Link and Midna fell asleep. As Link entered the spring, he stood there silent for a while. After a while, Midna woke up to see that Link was not there. “Hey Link, where are you?” Midna called out, then she said again, “Maybe he’s at the spring.” So Midna entered the spring to see Link just standing there looking at the top of his right hand.

As Midna approached him, she put her hand on his shoulder then asked him “Hey, are you ok Link?” Link looked at Midna, then said, “Am I really the chosen hero in the legend you speak of Midna?” Then Midna answered, “Well, you fit the description perfectly Link. Also, you are the only human I know that has the sacred triforce on their right hand besides that lady in the tower.

I heard there are only three users of the triforce. There is the user of wisdom, the user of courage, and the user of power. I have met two of them, you, and that lady in the tower. But I wonder if the third user is a good person or not.”

Then Midna paused and said again, “Are you ready to find the last fused shadow shard?” Then Link said to Midna, “Yeah, I am.  So where is the next fused shadow shard Midna?” After Link said that, Midna said to Link, “Just because I am royal doesn’t mean you should treat me any different ok?” Link nodded at Midna.

Then Midna said, “Good. Now, the next fused shadow shard is in a place called Lake Hyla. It is to the east of here, so lets go.” Once the sun rose into the sky, Link and Midna were off to Lake Hyla to find the fused shadow shard while Midna hid in Link's shadow. Once near the lake, Link gasped to see a wall of twilight covering the lake. “You think we should go into the Twilight Realm Link?” Asked Midna. Then Link nodded at her, closed his eyes, then entered into the Twilight Realm once again.

As Link opened his eyes, he was the wolf again with Midna riding on his back. “Come on Link. The lake is not much farther now,” said Midna. So Link ran towards Lake Hyla. Once there, on the shore of the lake, Link saw monsters everywhere. Midna said to Link, “Let’s get these monsters out of here Link.” Then Link nodded at her and attacked the monsters, after that they disappeared.

Once the monsters were gone, the twilight disappeared to reveal a beautiful crisp morning. Then Link and Midna heard a soothing voice coming from the lake itself, “Oh chosen hero accept this gift we give to you.” Then Link was covered by a white light and turned human again.

Link turned towards Midna then said, “Let’s go find that fused shadow shard.” The lake itself spoke to Link, “Oh chosen hero, you must travel to the end of this shore there you will find a cave that leads deep under the lake. In the cave you will find what you seek.” So Link and Midna followed the shoreline until they reached the cave that the lake spirit told him about. “Come on Link. Lets go get that fused shadow shard.” Midna said to Link. Link nodded at Midna and entered the cave.

Once in the cave, Link noticed that the cave was lit by artificial light; not torches or sunlight, but by glowing mushrooms that grew along the walls of the cave. “Hmm; that is a weird type of fungus.” Said Midna. So Link went to touch one of the glowing mushrooms, and got shocked by it. “Ouch!” yelped Link, “These mushrooms are electrically charged. Stay away from them.” So Link and Midna traveled deeper into the cave.  

After walking for a while, Link saw a door then said, “Do you think it is safe Midna?” After Link said that, Midna said to him, “We have no choice. We must continue the search for the fused shadow shard.” Then Link nodded at her and entered the room. As they entered the room, the door closed behind them. Link tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. While Link was trying to open the door Midna started to look around the room.

“Hey Link,” she said, “Look at this cute tadpole.” Link walked over to where Midna was and saw a tadpole swimming around in a large puddle. Then Midna said to Link, “I wonder where this tadpole’s mother is?” As Link looked around the room searching for the frog, Midna said to Link in horror, “I found her.” She pointed up. As Link looked up, he saw a ten-foot tall frog that jumped down in front of him and Midna.

“Oh crap! She thinks we’re food Link!” Midna said. As the huge frog hopped over towards them, Midna screamed then said, “Run Link run!” For about five minutes Link and Midna were being chased by the huge frog until Link said, “That is enough!” Then he pulled out his sword and hacked off the frog’s tongue. After that the frog blew up.

After the frog was gone, the tadpole transformed into what looked like scuba gear. Then Midna said to Link, “I hate frogs. Grab that stuff, I think we’ll need it” After Midna said that, Link and Midna took the gear and headed deeper into the cave.

As they followed the electrical fungi, the tunnel started heading under water. So Link put on the scuba gear and was about to go under the water, when he looked at Midna. Then she said, “I am magic remember? Come on, let’s go.” So they dove under the water and followed the cave into a strange room.

As they got in the room, the door closed behind them then Link tried to open it but it was no use. Then Midna spotted something floating in the water, it was the last fused shadow shard then Midna swam over to get it. But before she could reach it, a small large mouthed eel ate the fused shadow shard whole.

“Spit that out right now!” Said Midna to the eel. Then all of a sudden the eel grew to the size of a giant red wood tree log and started to chase Midna around the room. “Link do something!” Screamed Midna as she was being chased by this huge invertebrate. Link swam over to the monster, mounted it, then started slashing it’s eye. After doing that, the huge eel spit up the fused shadow shard then shrunk back to normal size.

Once the eel was back to normal, Midna swam up to it, said “Boo!” And the eel was freaked out and swam away. After it was gone, Midna took the fused shadow shard and said, I hate eels! If I wanted to, I would fry that stupid fish up and serve it with chips, actually that sounds good right now.”

Then Midna paused and said again, “Never mind about that.”  Then Midna looked at Link and said, “That’s the last one! Lets get out of here.” Midna snapped her fingers and a portal appeared in front of Link. So they swam through the portal and out the other side to find themselves in Lake Hyla. After reaching the shore, Link was horrified to see Zant standing before them.

Zant waved his arms and the lake was covered in twilight once again. Link was upset to see himself as a wolf once again. Then Zant walked up to Link then said, “Foolish boy.” After he said that, Zant waved his arm and Link was thrown against a wall, he was out cold.

“Link no!” Midna cried as she rushed over to him. Then Zant grabbed Midna and said to her, “With your power, I will be unstoppable!” Then Link awoke, ran over to Zant and bit him. Then Zant yelled, “Ouch! Stupid beast!”

After that, Zant let Midna go and went after Link. Once free Midna snapped her fingers, created a portal, then said to Link, “Hurry jump in the portal!”

Right after Midna said that, Link and Midna dived into the portal; but before the portal closed, Zant made a ball of white energy then shot it at the portal itself, then the portal closed. “Stupid Twilight Princess.” Said Zant. Then he warped back to the Twilight Realm, and the spring was restored to normal. 

After Link was out of the portal, he noticed he was still a wolf and was in Hyrule Fields. He was ok, but Midna was not. Gasping for air, Midna said weakly to Link, “We must find Zelda!” She said while panting, “Go to the Hyrule castle... in the window... where we were before!” So Link ran to the castle once there he realized the front entrance was not guarded so he went in that way.

Once in, Link found the room that he met the pretty lady. But before he could find her, Midna fell on the ground. Link panicked he didn’t know what to do.  Then the cloaked lady grabbed Midna’s hand then said, “Who did this to you Midna?” Then Midna gasped then said weakly, “You must help this wolf... please help break the spell on him... you must help him princess Zelda”

Link was shocked he was thinking to himself “So, this lady is a princess too? Makes sense.” Then Zelda looked at Link then said, “The magic that binds him is an evil spell. There is only one thing that would help him.” Then Midna said weakly “What is it... what can help him?”

Then Zelda replied, “In a forest that is guarded by the spirit Faron, lays a blade of evils bane called the Master Sword. It can banish even the darkest of evil.” Then Midna said weakly to Link, “You can go on your own right... to get the sword... from the forest?”  Then Zelda said to Midna, “You need to guide him on his quest, so I give this gift to you.”  

After she said that, Zelda closed her eyes and Midna started to glow with a white light. Midna regained her energy and Zelda disappeared. As Midna got up she said, “Zelda sacrificed her life to save me. Why?”  Then Midna jumped on Link’s back and said to him,  “Let’s go Link. To the Faron woods!” After she said that, Midna snapped her fingers and the two of them warped out of the castle.

After they returned to the Hyrule Fields, the sun shone on Link and Midna. “That is odd, the sunlight does not hurt me anymore” Midna said as she stepped into the sunlight, “It actually feels kind of warm and nice.” A few minutes later a powerful force field covered the Hyrule Castle. “Oh my god,” Midna said in horror as she and Link looked at the barrier that has covered the castle. Then Midna said, “Without Zelda, who will protect the castle from evil?” Then Link shrugged his shoulders. Then Midna said again, “Come on Link we must get moving to the Faron woods.” So they were off to the Faron woods to find the Master Sword.


Why did Zelda save Midna?  Will Link find the Master Sword and turn human again? Why does Zant want Midna’s power? And will Zelda ever return?

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Twilight Princess

Part 5




Twilight Princess


Part 5 

 While Link and Midna ran towards the Faron Woods, Link wondered, “If this sword will turn me human, what will happen to Midna? Will her curse lift from her too, or will she stay the same?” Then after running a little longer, Link and Midna arrived at what looked like an ancient gate. As Link approached the gate then without warning, the gate opened. “I think it knows we’re here Link.” Said Midna, “Come on. Lets go get the Master Sword.” They ran through the gate.

Once through the gate, Link and Midna passed a statue of the triforce symbol. As they got closer to it, the pattern on Link’s right paw started to glow as well as the statue. Then the statue melted away to reveal what looked like a sword with a purple handle stuck in a rock. As Link approached the sword, the sword itself started to glow gold then the gold light covered Link and turned him into a human again. Once he was human part of that gold light separated from Link. After that, the gold light fragment formed a small shard of what looked like a dark magic stone that glowed a dark purple.

While Link was trying to pull the sword out from the rock, Midna picked up the glowing purple stone and held it in her hand then said, “That’s what changed Link? It’s definitely different from the magic of our people; I wonder how Zant did that. I think I should keep it. It might come in handy.” After she said that, Link finally pulled the sword out from the rock. Then he tested it by chopping at a thick tree trunk. With one swing of the Master Sword, the tree fell over. “Wow this blade is amazing!” Link said in awe as he put his new sword in his carrier.  

Then Midna looked at Link and asked him, “Now that you have that, can you help me find a thing called the Mirror of Twilight? It is apparently in the Gerudo Desert which is east of here.” Link said to Midna, “Sure. Lets go.” So they headed east towards the Gerudo Desert. After a day of traveling, they finally made to the desert.

As they walked through it, Link and Midna happened to come across what looked like a battle stadium. “Well Link this is the place.” Midna said. As they entered the stadium, Link saw a mirror frame with only a part of the mirror in position

“What? Where is it!?!” Midna said angrily, “I can’t believe someone did this to the mirror. After all the trouble finding it!?! Who would do something like this!?!”

Then a voice said “We are sorry we did that, but it was for the sake of the world.” After that, Midna said, “What do you mean by that?”

Then five ghosts floated down towards Link and Midna and said, “We are the guardians that protect the Mirror of Twilight from evil. Once, not very long ago, there was an evil man named Ganindorf. At first, he was only a thief of precious jewels and treasure, but one day, he came across the power of the sacred triforce and kept it for himself. Our job was to eliminate this misuser of power, but something went terribly wrong.

You see, there is two sacred blades in Hyrule, The Master Sword, and the Blade of Evil. The Master Sword repels darkness and attracts light, but the Blade of Evil is the exact opposite. It repels light and attracts darkness. Ganindorf stole this blade and threatened to use its power. So we used the Mirror of Twilight and sent him into the Twilight Realm. But over time we had no idea his vengeance would lead to this. We hope you can forgive us, oh Twilight Princess.”

Midna was shocked. Then she said, “How did you find out about that?” Then one of the ghosts spoke, “We are sages; it is our job to know everything.” Then Midna asked the sages, “Well if you know everything, where are the Mirror of Twilight pieces then?”

A sage spoke, “One is in Snow Peak Ruins, and the other one is in the Sky Temple. A word of caution: Finding the pieces will be very hard.” Midna said, “Don’t worry. I have Link to help me out, right Link?” Then Link said, “Yeah, sure, ok, then lets go.”  Then they were off to get the Mirror of Twilight pieces.

After leaving the stadium Midna stopped Link then said, “The Snow Peak Ruins are far to the north, but around this time of year the whole area is covered in snow. Are you ready to go Link?”Then, Link said to Midna, “Yes. Lets get that mirror piece.” So the two of them left for the Snow Peak Ruins.

After walking for three days, they finally made it. “Ooh! It’s colder then I thought!” Said Midna to Link. “Maybe it’s warmer inside the ruins” Midna said again. So they entered the ruins.

Once in there, they noticed that the floor was covered in ice. “Be carful Link, this place is slippery.” Midna said. Link walked carefully across the icy flooring. He slipped once or twice, but after walking forward for a while, Link and Midna saw a doorway. 

Midna said, “I think we’ve seen it all Link, so whatever lies through that doorway it can’t be that bad.” They walked carefully through the doorway. Once through the door closed behind them, Link tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. As Link and Midna entered the room they realized that the floor was not covered in ice “Yay! We can walk normal again!” Said Midna happily. Link said to Midna, “Don’t start celebrating now Midna. Look over there.” As Midna looked, an armored lizard approached them. It had armor everywhere accept on it’s back.

“Hit it Link” Midna said. Then Link pulled out his sword and tried to hit the lizard but it’s armor was too strong. “This is not a tree Link.” Midna said, “Try hitting it where their is no armor”.  So Link got behind it and started to slash at it’s back. After slashing it about three times, the armored lizard disappeared then the doors opened. “Let’s go Link.” Midna said. Then they continued onward through the ruins.

After walking through a tunnel, Link and Midna saw a huge winding staircase and climbed it. As they reached the top, they saw a doorway. As they entered they saw a furry female yeti staring at her reflection in a broken mirror piece.  

As Link and Midna walked up to the yeti. Midna said, “Excuse me ma’am but we need that mirror piece from you” The yeti said to Midna, “No it’s mine!” After she said that the yeti pounced on Midna. Then Midna screamed and said, “Link do something!” Link started to slash at the yeti, then the yeti got off of Midna and started to chase Link around the room.

After Midna got up she almost slipped on the ice, that’s when she had an idea, “Link make her slip and fall on the ice.” Midna said to Link. After Midna said that, Link nodded towards Midna. As the yeti came closer to Link, he took his sword and tripped the yeti.

Then the yeti got up then said to Link, “Why do you want the mirror anyways?” Midna said to the yeti, “It will help save the world from destruction.” Then the Yeti said to Midna, “This mirror is still mine, so I am going to keep it.” After the yeti said that, Midna got angry then said to the yeti, “Look you fur ball, that thing is the very important and will help save the world from being covered in twilight.”  Then the yeti replied, “Well, why didn’t you say that in the first place? Take it with you.” After the yeti said that, Link took the mirror piece and put it in his bag.

After he did that, Midna said to Link, “Lets get out of here. I’m freezing.” Then Midna snapped her fingers and a portal appeared in front of Link. As he walked through it and out the other side he was at the entrance of the ruins. Link shivered, then said to Midna, “Couldn’t you have warped somewhere warmer Midna?” Then Midna said to Link, “No not really.” So the two of them built a campfire that night then fell asleep under the stars.


Will Link and Midna find the other Mirror of Twilight piece?  What will Midna do with the purple stone that changes Link into a wolf? Will Link save his sisters? And will Midna’s curse ever lift from her?


Find out more in...


Twilight Princess

Part 6




Twilight princess


Part 6

        The next morning after the sunrise, as Link was packing up the things, Midna told Link, “I heard the Sky Temple lies on the top of a nameless mountain. People never found it, because the mountain was so high up, the clouds hid the temple from view. That is why it’s called the Sky Temple. But the good thing is, I know where it is. It’s not far from here. We have to travel east from the Snow Peak Ruins until we hit the nameless mountain; then we go up.”

 So Link and Midna traveled towards the east to the mountain. As they reached the nameless mountain base, Link looked at it in wonder then said, “This mountain is huge! Are we going to climb it Midna?” She looked at Link and said, “To get the Mirror of Twilight shard, we have to climb this mountain” So the two of them started the journey up the mountain.

The climb up was hard; they had to be cautious while climbing, because monsters were everywhere. As Link and Midna finally reached the summit, they saw a huge castle like building covered in fog. “Wow this place is ancient!” Said Midna. Then the two of them entered the temple to retrieve the Mirror of Twilight shard.

As they entered the temple, Link and Midna saw a giant mural painted on the temple wall. This huge mural had the triforce symbol as well as the Master Sword, and the Blade of Evil painted on it. It also had what looked like the three fused shadow shards along with the ancient horned hat. The hat in the mural looked the same as the one Midna was wearing. Together, the four shards formed some kind of huge mask. Then Midna looked at Link and said, “this mural probably has a history behind it.” Then Link asked Midna, “That mask, isn’t that the complete fused shadow?” Then Midna looked at Link and said to him, “I think so, but I thought it would bigger?”  

After Link was done looking at the mural, he and Midna entered another room. Once in that room, the door closed behind them, Link tried to open it but it was no use. As he turned around, Link and Midna saw a winged lizard with armor. “Not another lizard!” Said Midna, “Link, can you get this?” she asked again.

Link tried to sword on the lizard but its armor was too thick. Then Midna said, “Try getting the wings Link!” After Midna said that, Link slashed at the flying lizard’s wings. After about four slashing blows, the flying lizard disappeared.

Once it was gone, Link and Midna continued deeper into the temple. As Link and Midna continued, Link passed a message carved on the wall. “Whoever passes here will feel the wrath of Argorok.” Then Midna looked at Link then said, “We have to get the mirror piece so let’s go.”

Then they entered through the doorway to find themselves standing on an open field in the sky. As Link and Midna approached what looked like a giant piece of glass it was actually the Mirror of Twilight piece wedged into the ground.

“Can you get it out Link?” Midna asked. After Midna asked that, Link pulled and pulled on the mirror piece, but the mirror piece wouldn’t come out of the ground. Before they could do anything else, a huge fireball was shot from the sky and almost hit Link and Midna both at the same time. “What was that?” Midna said while freaking out.

Then out of the clouds appeared an armored dragon with silver armor covering its red scaly skin. As the dragon hovered over Link and Midna, Link wondered how to get it. Then Midna said to Link, “Slash at its tail Link it’s the only thing we can reach” So Link started to slash the armored dragon’s tail to the point where the tail itself was chopped off.

As the armored dragons tail came off, Link realized that it was not a tail at all, but a dark Magic Stone like the one that turned Link into a wolf. Then the dragon flew down towards Link and Midna, looked at them, then wrapped his real tail around the mirror piece and pulled it out of the ground for Link to have.  After that, Link said to the dragon, “Thank you.” Then Link took the mirror piece and stuck it in his bag.

After Link did that, Midna said to him, “We have to return the Mirror of Twilight pieces to the Gerudo Desert at once.” After she said that, Midna snapped her fingers and a portal appeared in front of Link. As Link walked in it and out the other side he was back in the stadium where the Mirror of Twilight was. As Midna put the other two pieces back in place, the mirror itself started to glow with a blue light then a portal appeared in the path of the blue lighting.

After that, Midna looked at Link then said to him, “The reason why I asked for these is because this mirror is the only link between the Twilight Realm and here. Without it’s power, I could never return to the Palace of Twilight. Hopefully once in, we can stop Zant and my curse will lift. Then maybe we can revive Zelda.” Link nodded at Midna and they entered the portal.

Once in Link realized he was still human and sighed in relief “Hey Link,” Midna said to him, “I made you something." Then Midna took out a necklace that had the purple glowing stone as the pendent. “Now you can change into a wolf whenever you want. Just put on this necklace on and you will change into a wolf but, when you take it off you will turn back into a human again, so here you go!

Then Link said to Midna, “Thanks I probably will use it.” Then Link paused and said again, “Where did you get this stone anyways Midna?” Then Midna answered, “Oh, remember when we got the Master Sword, well as you changed back to a human for good, the magic curse that was casted on you formed into this stone. I thought it would come in handy so I kept it.” Then Link said to Midna, “Good idea keeping this stone.”  After that, Link took the necklace and stuck it in his pocket. 

As they approached the Palace of Twilight, Midna took a deep breath then said, “Ok, let’s go.” Then they entered the palace. Once in, Link saw Zant sitting on the throne. “Welcome back Midna.” said Zant. Then Midna said to Zant, “Says the servant who banished their masters’ daughter. You only wish to be royal Zant!”

After Midna said that, Zant got up from the throne and walked towards them then said to Midna, “Using the weakling power of the fused shadow shards to save your people.” Zant paused then said, “That won’t work against me.” Then Zant turned towards Link and said, “You, boy, if you fight me and win maybe I won’t destroy you both.” Then Zant pulled out two swords and attacked Link.

As Link fought against Zant, Midna watched their epic dwell in horror wondering if Link would make it out alive or not.  As the metal of the swords clashed against each other after a while, Zant’s swords broke to a final swing of the all-powerful Master Sword.

Then Zant dropped his broken swords and said to Link, “Because you actually won against me, knowing this might happen I came up with a backup plan. The curse on you Midna was not my doing.” Then Midna said to Zant, “Then who cursed me Zant? Tell me now!” Then Zant replied, “My lord Ganindorf did, and I will not fail him” Then Zant got up and was about to do something when Midna stepped in and yelled, “That’s enough! I will not tolerate any more of your tricks Zant!” Instantly after she said that, Midna snapped her fingers, as she did that, Zant froze in his tracks.

As Zant stood their motionless, Midna raised her right arm then her right hand started to glow with a purple energy. After that Midna grinned a evil viscous toothy smile and said to Zant, “Now it’s my turn to control you!” Even though Zant couldn’t move, he said to Midna, “You will never control the ruler of the Twilight Realm!” Then Midna said to Zant, “Now bow to me, bow to the true ruler of the Twilight Realm!” Then Midna lowered her arm as she did that, she took control of Zant’s body and forcefully made him kneel on the ground. As Link watched Midna use the fused shadow power in horror, he just stood there as Midna tortured  Zant for pleasure.

After a few minutes, with a simple flick of her fingers, Midna slammed Zant against a wall with extreme force. As Zant fell to the ground weakly, Midna went up to him, grabbed him by the throat, and said to him sternly with rage, “Listen to me you filthy piece of scum, either you change me back, or you die.” Then Zant weakly said to Midna, “Like I said before, I can’t change you back.” Then Midna said with rage to Zant “Wrong answer.” Then Midna snapped her fingers then out of nowhere, Zant turned to stone. While Zant was suspended in stone, Midna shot a huge ball of white energy at the statue and crushed Zant completely. Link looked at Midna in shock then said, “Nice moves Midna.”

Then Midna said to Link “I’ve wanted to do that for a while now. Now that I have the fused shadow shards, the first thing I would even think about doing is getting even with the guy that decided to overthrow my kingdom.” Then Link said to Midna, “I thought you weren’t going to use the fused shadow power for revenge.” Then Midna sternly looked at Link and said to him, “It’s not getting revenge, it’s getting even.”

Then Midna paused then said again, “Zelda is in trouble. We must go back to Hyrule to save her from Ganindorf.” So Link and Midna rushed back to the portal but before they ran into the portal Midna said to Link, “I have an idea.” After she said that, Midna went over to the portal, closed her eyes, and touched it. As she did, the portal changed its warp point to Hyrule Castle “Ok Link, let’s go!” Midna said. Then they leaped into the portal and ended up in Hyrule Castle.

As they looked at the barrier that covered the castle, Link was wondering what to do he paced back and forth while thinking. As Link was pacing back and fourth wondering what to do, Midna took the fused shadow shards in her hands and said, “Oh sacred shadows, lend me your power.” instantly after Midna said that, the fused shadows started to glow with a blue light as well as her ancient horned hat. Before Link could do anything Midna transformed into a huge 345" blue and black monster, with what looked like the fused shadow mask in the Sky Temple mural as her head mask.

She now had seven legs and a circular body that glowed a dark purple light.  Link gasped as Midna jumped onto the barrier and smashed it with her bear fist. After that, the barrier exploded into nothing, but where did Midna go? Link searched all around the castle then found her back to normal laying unconscious by a tree.

As Link rushed over to her, she woke up stood up then said to Link,  “I’m not doing that again. It drains my magic.” After Midna said that, Link looked at the castle then said to Midna, “Well at least the barrier is gone.” Then the two of them rushed inside of Hyrule Castle not knowing what lies ahead.





What will happen to Link and Midna? Can Link help break Midna’s curse? What is Ganindorf planning to do to Zelda? And what is that huge thing Midna turns into using the power of the fused shadow shards?

find out more in..


Twilight Princess

Part 7





Twilight Princess

Part 7


 As Link and Midna entered the castle, Link gasped in horror to see Zelda lying inside a barrier passed out. As Link was about to run over and help her, Midna stopped him and said, “There is someone watching us, sitting on the throne.” After Midna said that, Link took out his sword and approached the figure with caution.

As Link and Midna approached the figure, the figure stood up and said to the two, “So this is the famous hero chosen by the gods, and the all powerful princess of the Twilight Realm. You both are no match compared to me!” Then Midna stepped forward and said, “So you are the notorious Ganindorf who turned my people and my land into a living nightmare!”

Then Ganindorf said to Midna, “The Twillian empire all had puny power. They deserve what they got. But the users of the triforce have a power all their own.” Then Ganindorf warped and was gone. Link rushed over to Zelda and said to her “Wake up Zelda.” After Link said that, Zelda awoke but she seemed different. Then she said, “With the power of the triforce I can control anyone and anything whenever I want!” Then she made a sword out of pure energy and started to chase Link.

While Link was being chased around the room, Midna said, “She is being controlled by Ganindorf!  Don’t hurt her Link! Then Link said to Midna, “So what do I do Midna?” While being chased around by Ganindorf’s puppet. Midna had to think for a moment. While thinking, the puppet shot a ball of energy at Link. He tried to dodge it, but it followed him until he hid behind a pillar and hit that instead. Then Midna thought of something and said to Link, “Link! As she shoots you with the ball of energy, bring it back to her! That energy is pure light! It will regain her senses and she will take control of herself again!”

So as the puppet shot the ball of energy at Link, Link ran around the room trying to follow Zelda around. As Link got close enough to her he ducked and the energy hit Zelda. After that happened Zelda fell to the ground. Then, Midna rushed over to Zelda and said to her, “I give you back your energy Zelda accept it.” Then Midna started to glow with a white light. Then the light surrounded Zelda and she woke up.

 As Zelda got up she walked over to Midna then said, “Thank you for returning the gift I gave to you; a gift that keeps on giving has it’s own special power.” After Zelda said that, a huge lion-like beast with a dark jewel on its forehead approached them and roared loudly. Then Zelda said to Link, “You know, Ganindorf can do that, with the power of the triforce he can do whatever he wants.”

As the monster approached Link, Midna said to him, “Use that necklace I made you. It will help out." Then Zelda asked Midna, “You sure he can do this?” Then Midna replied, “Yes I think so, he has beaten giant flaming gorons, extremely large fly traps, as well as huge large mouthed eels. He’s also beaten an armored dragon, and an angry yeti. I am positive he can do this.” After Midna said that Zelda said to Midna, “How did he do all that?” Then Midna answered, “Lots of practice he was raised in the farmland so he is a quick learner.” 

Then Midna took the necklace out of Link’s pocket and put it around his neck. As Link changed into a wolf, he used his high-powered senses and found a weak spot on the monster’s stomach. So Link dug a hole and waited until the monster walked over the hole. Once the monster walked over the hole Link jumped out and attacked Ganindorf’s stomach. Link did that about five times and the monster fell over then caught on fire. After that,

Midna went over to Link and took the necklace of from around his neck then said to him, “See I told you it would help out.” then she stuck the necklace back into Link’s pocket. As Zelda walked over towards Link she said to him, “So you were that beast who visited me in the tower.” Link nodded at Zelda and bowed. After he did that, Zelda said to Link, “I never properly introduced myself. I Am Princess Zelda. Pleased to make your acquaintance Link.” After Zelda said that, the flaming beast changed into a huge fireball and laughed evilly.

As Link and Zelda watched the fireball grow and grow in horror, Midna took out the fused shadow shards and said to Link, “Link, you have helped me with all my problems. Now it is time to repay the favor.” After she said that, Midna held the fused shadow shards in front of her. Then Link said to Zelda “We have to get out of here like right now!” Then Zelda said to Link, “And leave Midna behind, that’s crazy! She has no chance against Ganindorf especially by herself!” Then Link told Zelda, “She is very determined I think she can do it, so come on we need to go! 

After he said that, Link grabbed Zelda’s hand and they ran out of the castle. Once they left, Midna closed her eyes and said, “Oh sacred shadows lend me your  power." Then Midna Changed into the huge spiderlike beast that she changed into before to break the barrier covering the Hyrule Castle. As she changed she used the power of the fused shadow shards and made a sharp spear out of energy. Then she said to herself “Lets finish this.” After that she attempted to stab the giant fireball. 

Meanwhile in Hyrule Fields, Link took Zelda and said, “We’ll be safe here for the time being.” Then Zelda asked Link “What exactly does Midna want with Ganindorf?” So Link told Zelda about Midna’s past, her people, and her curse that Ganindorf laid on her. After he told Zelda, she said to Link, “That’s terrible, I would understand why she would do that to Zant and how she would like to do the same to Ganindorf” After explaining everything, Link and Zelda herd a big explosion at the Hyrule castle.

As they rushed over to see what happened, they were stopped by Ganindorf on horseback with Midna’s ancient horned hat in his hand. He laughed evilly, then said to Link, “Foolish hero no one can stop me!” Then he threw the horned hat on the ground and smashed it.

Link said to Zelda, “No! We have to do something Zelda!” Then Zelda nodded at Link and said to him, “I am a good archer. With these light arrows I have we could probably slow Ganindorf down and maybe weaken him as well.” Then Zelda whistled and called her horse and said again, “Get on Link. I heard you are good with animals.” So the two of them rode after Ganindorf.

Using the light arrows, Link and Zelda shot Ganindorf about six times. After that, he fell off his horse. As Ganindorf got up he took out the Blade of Evil and said to Link, “That is a nice sword but nothing more.” After Ganindorf said that, Link got off of the horse and confronted Ganindorf then said to him “I will make you a deal, if I beat you in a duel you will give me back my sisters. But if I lose, you can take my triforce power and do what you want with me. Do we have a bargain?” Then Ganindorf laughed evilly and said to Link “I accept your challenge!”  As Ganindorf said that he took the Blade of Evil and swung it at Link.

At first Link was scared, but then he thought of his sisters, and he thought about Midna. After thinking about them the triforce symbol in his right hand started to glow. And the bottom triangle on the right side glowed gold unlike the others as this happened the Master Sword also started to glow gold. Then Zelda looked at Link and said, “The hero has been revealed! Oh merciful gods grant the hero true power.” Since then, every time the Master Sword hit Ganindorf, He was weakened. After Link struck Ganindorf ten times, Ganindorf fell over then Link stabbed Ganindorf right through the chest. With the power from the blade, the gods, and the triforce itself, Ganindorf was encased in a white light then exploded into nothing.

After Ganindorf was gone, Link saw his two sisters waiting for him at the castle entrance. Illya ran up to him and gave him a big hug then cheerfully said, “You found us big brother!”  Then Epona said to him, “I’m glad we waited for you Link.”  Then Epona hugged Link as well.  After the reunion, Zelda said to Link, “Link, come over here.”  After Zelda walked into the castle, Link said to his sisters, “I will be right back, Stay here.” After he said that, Link rushed in the castle to find Zelda talking to a beautiful young woman.

This young woman had a long sleeved black dress with strange blue patterns all down the selves. She also had long orange hair, and yellow eyes with red pupils.  “So the stories are true, you really are a princess, that’s kind of shocking, seeing you like this.” Then the young lady said to Zelda, “Yes I’ve been trying to change back to normal for quite some time now. With all the magic in me I thought I could do it alone, but who knew that Ganindorf was behind all of this.”   

As Link approached them, the beautiful young woman wearing the black dress turned towards Link. Then she smiled and said to him, “Thank you Link for helping me.” Link knew right away who this was. Then he said to the young woman, “No thank you Princess Midna” Link bowed then said again, “You look kind of pretty Midna.” Zelda sighed and said to Midna “Oh boys.” Then Zelda and Midna laughed. 

That night, when the sun was setting over the horizon, Midna said to Link and Zelda, “I have to go now. The Twillian Empire is waiting for their ruler to return. Maybe one day, in the future, we will meet again.”After she said that, Midna snapped her fingers and a portal leading to the Twilight Realm appeared right in front of them. As Midna headed for the portal she said one last thing to Link, “That necklace I made for you; I hope you take care of it. Good-bye Link, I will truly miss you.” Then Midna leaped into the portal and was gone.

Some say that Princess Midna returned and shattered the Mirror of Twilight. Others say that the mirror was lost in time. Legends tell of a boy that’s human by day, but when the sun sets, the boy mysteriously becomes a wolf and roams the land repelling evil. But the legend of the Twilight princess lives on. Well, it lives on every time someone reads this story.



Twilight Princess

The End



Twilight Princess


Alternate Ending


        After Ganindorf was gone, Link saw his two sisters waiting for him at the castle entrance Illya ran up to him and gave him a big hug then cheerfully said, “You found us big brother!” Epona said to him, “I’m glad we waited for you Link.” Then she hugged Link too. After the reunion, Zelda said to Link, “Link come over here.” Link said to his sisters, “I will be right back, stay here.” After Link said that he rushed in the castle.

Once in Link saw Zelda talking to a beautiful young woman with a long sleeved black dress. This dress had strange blue patterns all down the sleeves. She also had long orange hair, and yellow eyes with red pupils.

As Link approached them, the beautiful young woman wearing the black dress turned towards Link, smiled then said to him, “Thank you Link for helping me.” Link knew right away who this was. Then he said to the young woman, “ No thank you Princess Midna.” Link bowed then said again, “You look kind of pretty Midna.”  After he said that, Link’s sister Illya came in and said, “Ooh, Link’s got a girl friend!” After she said that, Link said to Illya sheepishly, “I do not! Go back outside with Epona” Then Midna and Zelda laughed.

That night, when the sun was setting over the horizon. Midna said to Link and Zelda, “I have to go now. The Twillian Empire is waiting for their ruler to return. Maybe one day, in the future, we will meet again.” After she said that, Midna snapped her fingers and a portal leading to the Twilight Realm appeared right in front of them. As Midna headed for the portal, she said one last thing to Link. “The one thing I’ve grown to love about this world Link, is you.” Then Midna kissed Link’s cheek, leaped into the portal, and was gone.

After Midna left, Zelda said to Link, “You’re going to miss her aren’t you?” Then Link answered, “ Yes I will.” About a week later, things were back to normal in Hyrule. Link and his sisters went back to Ordon Village, while Zelda ruled the Hyrule Kingdom like nothing happened. Meanwhile, in the Twilight Realm, Princess Midna held a ceremony at the Palace of Twilight. As she addressed her Twillian citizens, she said to them, “Fellow twilight residencies, from this day on their will be no hatred in the Twilight Realm, because I have seen the light, and from now on our future will be a whole lot brighter then before.” After Princess Midna said that, all the entire Twillian Empire cheered in return of their Twilight Princess.




The End