Estel: Estel is Stellana's younger self she accepted the name Stellana after she reunited with Midna 

Stellana: she is a stern female that was raised by humans not knowing who she actually is until she met Midna

Morfen: he helped train Stellana to use shadow magic

Midna's Story Part 4 Protagonists

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art done by Brandon Cardoza

Stellana's Fused Form: this is the form Stellana takes after using the Master Fusion Piece's power

                         Midna's Story Part 4

Stellana's Story 



The Tale of the Long Eared Lovers…

        Many years ago, there were two lovers, one clothed in green and one with skin of blue. The two of them fell in love and had a baby together. Knowing this child will one day be important, it was sent away to grow up in a different world. The same world where the lover clothed in green came from. Patiently waiting for the one day the child would return to its home the Twilight Realm.

 Several thousand years earlier...


The creation of the Fused Shadow Shards starts with one single piece. This powerfully piece of shadow magic was called the Master Fusion Piece. This solo powerful piece of shadow magic reached out and gave some of its magic to four other shards creating the Fused Shadow Shards. Together these shards enhance a user of Shadow Magic to the highest point of the user’s abilities. But the Master Fusion Piece itself is much more powerfully charged then all of the shards combined. Knowing that this powerfully magical item is very dangerous in the wrong hands, the gods hid this power in a single item in an alternate universe parallel to the Twilight Realm. Only a worthy one could unlock the power within and release the power of all power......



Stellana's Story

Part 1

As things were finally back to normal in the Twilight Realm, Princess Midna fell back into her daily routines. But as time went by, things changed the Palace of Twilight started to fall apart because an ancient magic started to rise again. Not knowing what to do, Midna thought really hard who or what could help calm this old magic. As Midna gathered her fused shadows she noticed that all four pieces were glowing a blue like color for a moment then stopped. Wondering why that happened, Midna said to herself, "That's strange that has never happened before." Midna took the fused shadow shards, placed them in her bag, and warped out of the castle.

Meanwhile in Hyrule there lived a 19 year old girl named Estel. She was very smart creative girl. Estel loved to make and invent stuff. She also liked to fix all sorts of trinkets. If something did not work she would fix it usually fix it in record time.

Estel always wore a hat on her head. She had long oberon hair with reddish orange highlights at the tips, and had short pointy ears. She had oberon colored eyes and for some strange reason she always slicked her hair behind her ears that we're covered by her hat. Estel usually carried around a blue stuffed dinosaur with her everywhere she went. Her and the dinosaur grew up together. Estel had that stuffed animal all her life its name was Blew.

One day Estel and Blew were walking home from school when Estel noticed she was being followed. As the people got closer and closer to Estel she said to herself, "Wonderful, another jumping." Estel was put down her entire life by others because of her looks. She was adopted from birth and raised by her adopted parents. Even in her family she was an outcast because of her looks.

 As the thugs approached Estel, she was cornered as Estel tried to fight back, she was knocked out. When she woke up, she noticed she was in a strange looking bed shaped like an arrow with blue sheets on top. As Estel came to her senses, she saw that sky was orange covered in twilight. While sitting up in the bed someone entered the room.

This creature that entered walked over to Estel and said to her, "Hello my name is Gina and I was told by our leader to watch you." Puzzled, Estel asked this creature, "Where am I?"  Gina replied, "My dear, you’re in the Twilight Realm you were summoned here."

This creature had light blue skin, long pointy ears as well as yellow eyes, with red pupils. Wondering why she was summoned, Estel asked Gina, "What are you? You are definitely not human. And who was I summoned here by?" Gina laughed and said, "No one knows why you are here, and I'm a Twillian, this is where I live."

As Estel was about to say something, another Twillian entered the room. This Twillian also had light blue skin and yellow eyes she had long orange hair, with yellow highlights at the tips of her hair. She also wore a black long sleeved dress with strange blue patterns all down the sleves. As the two Twillians started a conversation, Estel grabbed Blew out of her bag and held onto it while listening to the twillians conversation.

"Your saying this human just warped here on her own?" Said the long orange haired Twillian to Gina. Then Gina answered, "I don't know I found her passed out by the palace entrance so I brought her here." Suddenly the orange haired Twillian looked at Estel then stopped talking all together and stared really hard at her.

After looking at Estel for a while, Estel asked the Twillian, "Who are you, and why are you stating at me?" The long orange haired Twillian answered, "My name is Midna and I am the ruler of the Twilight Realm." Midna paused, looked at Gina, looked back at Estel, and said, "You like this room Estel? If you like it you can have it."  Estel looked at Midna and answered, "Thank you Midna."

Estel paused for a moment then said again, "But why am I here?" But

 before Gina said anything, Midna said to Gina, "We need to go." Midna looked at Estel and said to her, "You can look around for a bit, but don't get into trouble." Then the two of them left the room leaving Estel by herself.

Why is Estel in the Twilight Realm? Dose Midna know Estel? Why did the Fused Shadow Shards glow blue? And will Midna calm this ancient magic before it grows out of control?

Find out in
Stellana's Story
Part 2


                                          Stellana's Story


                                                Part 2

        After Gina and Midna left the room Estel got off of the bed and left the room as well. While venturing around the palace, she over heard some Twillians talking about something. "Did you here that the royal Princess Stellana has returned?" Another one said, "It's only a rumor, but I did here about it."

After Estel wandered around for a bit she was stopped by Gina. After stopping Estel she said, "Midna needs to see you" Then took Estel to Midna's chambers. As Estel Entered Midna's room, she noticed on Midna's bed was a small plushy of a wolf like animal this wolf had a strange pyramid pattern on its right paw. As Gina talked to Midna, Estel went over and touched the wolf plushy. After she did that Estel had a strange feeling like she knew who that plushy was. But before Estel got A good look at it, Midna grabbed the wolf plushy and said to Estel, "This thing is very special be nice to it."

 Midna placed it back on the bed next to Estel. After she did that, Midna said to Estel, "If you are wondering why you are here it's because you were in danger. As well as you were needed here to help."  "How can I help I'm an outcast human that was given up by her own parents right after I was born all I'm good at doing is fixing things." Estel replied

"Are you sure that's all your good at? Have you ever thought of doing other things?" asked Midna. Estel thought for a moment then answered, "Actually I have not tried other things why do you ask?" Midna smiled at Estel and said to her, "Exactly. We need something constructive for you to do come with me Estel I need to show you something." Then Midna took Estel by the hand and magically warped to a different part of the palace.

Surprised how Midna did that, Estel asked her, "How did you did that!?! That was really cool."  Midna giggled then answered, "It's Shadow Magic, and we all have it. Shadow Magic runs in the Twillian bloodline so we naturally have it."  "That's really cool, I want some" replied Estel.

After Estel said that Midna asked her, "If you want I could teach you how to use Shadow Magic?"  Estel said excitedly, "Yes I would like that when can we start?" Midna smiled then answered, “Whenever you are ready" After Midna said that, Estel asked her, "What is Shadow Magic anyways?"

After Estel asked Midna held out her hand and a glowing ball of purple energy formed in her palm. As the energy intensified Midna said to Estel, "Shadow Magic is a type of magic that only the twillian species is known to use. Knowing how you found this place obviously tells me that you have magic in you as well."  "But I'm a human, how can I learn shadow magic" Estel asked.

After Estel said that, the energy in Mina’s palms disappeared and Midna circled around Estel then said to her, "You are not a complete human because of your ears as well as your hair highlights. Yes some humans have them, but unlike you, theirs are all through the hair and you only have them on your hair tips." suddenly Midna pulled Estel's hat off to revel long bangs that also had reddish orange highlights at the tips of the bangs.

As Midna held Estel's hat Estel said to Midna, "Give me back my hat it's my favorite hat and I want it back." After Estel said that, she noticed the strange resemblance her and Midna had in common. After staring at Midna, Estel said in shock, " I sort of look like you Midna that's cool!"  Midna answered, "That's different you do look like me a little." As Midna circled around Estel again she thought to herself, she has his ears I haven't noticed that before. After thinking, Midna said to Estel, "Before we start, I need to give you something."  Midna then took Estel by the hand and they warped to a different part of the palace.

Why is Midna so interested in teaching Estel Shadow Magic? Will Midna ever find help to save the Twilight Realm? Who is this returning Princess Stellana? And whose ears doses Estel have?

Find out more in...

Stellana's Story
Part 3



Stellana's Story


Part 3

        After warping, Midna and Estel ended up back in Estel's room.  Midna then told Estel, "I was waiting until you were about 20 years old but since you are here might as well give it back to you."  Midna went over to a desk next to the arrow shaped bed and pulled open a drawer in a dresser.  Midna reached into the drawer and took out a charm necklace with a small blue stone rapped around what looked like a metallic wire.

Midna took the necklace and gave it to Estel then said, "Put it on, its yours." As Midna handed the blue charm necklace to Estel, Estel took it, looked at the necklace, then asked Midna, "Thanks but how do you know its mine?" Midna sat on the bed next to Estel and said to her, “Have you ever heard the tale of the long eared lovers? About how two lovers had a kid but how the child was raised in the land of light?"

"Yes, it's an old legend where I live why do you ask?" replied Estel.  Midna sighed and said, "You know that you were adopted at birth by humans as well as raised by them to." "So what about it?" replied Estel. "The reason you have long ears is because your birth parents had them too. Normal humans don't have those qualities, and only a few humans did. I knew a human that had long ears he was nice to me. And over time we grew close to each other. But knowing what happened later on, we thought it was best to leave our child out of harms way." Midna looked at Estel and said, "Never knowing that that same child would return here on her own to hopefully realize who she actually is."

Estel was shocked, could she really be that same child from the legend. Estel asked Midna, "What was the child's name?" then Midna answered, “Her name is Stellana. But she calls herself Estel and is a half Twillian half human raised by other humans in the world of light."

Estel was speechless she did not know how to react to this. After a moment of silence, Estel asked Midna, "You are my birth mother aren’t you?" Then Midna replied "Yes I am, and I'm glad to see you home Stellana. But just because your here doesn't mean you can do whatever you want ok?"

After Midna said that, Estel started to tear up with joy and gave Midna a big hug and said. "I thought you died a long time ago I'm so happy to see you. I knew you looked like me for some reason and I'm really, really happy that I look like you."  Midna hugged Estel back and said to her, "You do look a lot like me, but I realized right away that you have your father's ears and that's how I first noticed you."

Midna paused and said, "If you want to learn Shadow Magic, the first thing you need to do is learn how to start it." Midna snapped her fingers and a burst of purple energy formed in her fingertips. After she did that Midna said to Estel, "Now you try it Stellana."

 Estel snapped her fingers but nothing happened. While Estel snapped her fingers over and over again, Midna thought of something she did not. After thinking, Midna said to Estel, "Stop snapping and think of something happy."

So Estel stopped snapping her fingers, closed her eyes, and started to think. While thinking for a moment, Estel's hands started to glow with a blue energy then Midna smiled and said to Estel, "Open your eyes Stellana, and look at your hands." Estel opened her eyes to see that her hands were radiating with a blue energy. Surprised to see this, Estel gasped then said, "That's really cool."

As Estel was experimenting with her magical abilities, Midna said to herself, "Like her father her magic is triggered by thought." After saying that, Midna noticed that Estel was eating an apple then Midna asked her, "Where did that come from Stellana?" After finishing off the apple, Estel answered, "I was hungry and I wanted an apple, so I made one using my magic. You probably make all sorts of stuff don't you?" Surprised at Estel's magical abilities, Midna said to her, "I can't do that making items out of nothing you are a fast learner Stellana."

While Estel and Midna were talking, no one noticed that Blew started to glow a blue like color. Not long after Blew started to glow, Estel's blue stone charm necklace started to glow blue as well. As Estel was talking, Midna noticed the necklace, gasped, then said, "That necklace has been in my family for generations but it never did that."

Midna looked at Blew, looked back at Estel's necklace then said, "Can that stuffed animal really be the Master Fusion Piece? My family before me searched everywhere for that thing, and my daughter was the chosen shadow magic user to have it!?!” As Midna approached Blew, she said to Estel, "Come here and hold Blew I need to test something out." Estel went over to the bed and picked up Blew.

As she did that, Estel felt a powerful serge of energy flow threw her body and into her blue stone necklace charm. As the energy filled her up, Estel changed into a 475' black wolf like beast. This beast had a long whip like tail, and a main made of the same magical energy that she held in her hands as well as her paws and eye sockets. As Estel looked at herself, she freaked out then ran off.

As Estel took off Midna said to herself, "That went well. I have to find her before her energy runs out." As Midna was leaving to find Estel, she noticed that Estel left Blew behind. Midna grabbed Blew and the four fused shadow shards then started to track down Estel before it’s too late.

Is Estel really Midna's daughter? How did Estel make an apple out of nothing? What is that giant wolf like creature that Estel changes into? And will Midna find her daughter before something happens to her?

Find out more in...
Stellana's Story
Part 4




Stellana's Story

Part 4

While running, Estel ran across the entire Twilight Realm until she hit a small field. Meanwhile, in that same field lived an independent Twillian named Morfen. Morfen was 20 years old and knew a lot of shadow magic. As Morfen was walking through the field, he was nearly trampled by a 475' black wolf like creature with a blue energy mane and a whip like tail. As Morfen dodged the creature, he saw that it looked really weak. Before the wolf like creature ran any further, it stopped then collapsed on the ground.

As Morfen ran over to see what it was, Estel changed back to normal and was passed out. Morfen looked at Estel and he said to himself, "Wow, this human is really pretty." Then he noticed her ears and said, "She is not human." After a short pause, Morfen said again, "I need to help her recover." Suddenly Morfen snapped his fingers and levitated Estel into his house to hopefully recover.

As Estel woke up, she noticed she was in a small hut like house. As Estel came to her senses, she saw a young male Twillian sitting next to the bed she was on. As she looked at him she asked, "Hi who are you?" The Twillian answered, "I'm Morfen and you are who?" Then Estel smiled and replied, "Hi I'm Stellana but I like to be called Estel if you don’t mind."

Morfen said, "Ok Estel do you know why you were a giant wolf, because I know I wasn't dreaming." Estel answered in shock, "I was a what!" Then Estel got up and noticed that Blew was gone and asked Morfen, "Have you seen a stuffed animal that looks like a dinosaur?" Morfen replied, "No I have not. But it looks like you need to be taught Shadow Magic I can help you with that." "I can start it, but I can't control it though." Replied Estel.  Morfen smiled and said, "That's no problem. Just start your magic and I will help you from there." Estel thought about a happy thought, and her hands started to glow with a blue energy. As she did that, Morfen was shocked to see that her magic was blue not purple. After getting use to Estel's magic, Morfen started her training.

A week passed by, and Morfen taught Estel a lot of things, from levitation, to form changing. Meanwhile, Midna was starting to worry about her daughter and if she was ok. To cut down the time, Midna used the fused shadow shards and fused to make the search faster.


Back at Morfen's place, Morfen and Estel were taking a break from training and relaxing while a giant black and teal Serpent like creature with six tentacle like arms, and what looked like an ancient horned mask covering its face passed the filed this huge monster was also charged with electricity. While slithering by, Morfen came in contact with the monsters electrical conduction and was shocked badly.

As Estel rushed to Morfen’s aid, he weakly said to Estel, "My training is done, go and use your magic wisely."  Morfen smiled at Estel and passed out. As the monster got closer to Estel, Estel was really upset to the point of a mental magical overload. Suddenly, she changed into the wolf like creature and started to attack the snake like monster. No matter how much Estel tried to attack this snake like creature, it just evaded Estel's attacks and yet it tried to get closer and closer to her.

As the monster got close enough, Estel bit its tail. After Estel did that, the monster grew angry and wrapped its body around Estel shocking her to a stun. While Estel laid there motionless, she changed back to normal. As the monster approached her, it changed into a 5’4” imp with orange hair and yellow highlights. This imp like creature also had strange blue patterns on its ears, arms, and hands as well as some on its upper right thigh and lower left ankle.

As the imp approached Estel, Estel said weakly, "I wish Midna was here she would know what to do" then Estel passed out. As Estel woke up, she was back in her room at the palace on her arrow shaped bed next to Blew and wearing her hat. As she got up she saw Morfen sitting by her bedside waiting for her to wake up.

Estel looked at him she said to him with joy, "You’re alive" then gave him a big hug. After Estel did that, Morfen said to her, "Thanks to your mom, you could have told me you were related to our ruler maybe that's why you are so smart."


After he said that, Midna entered the room and approached the two of them. She looked at Morfen and said to him. "I'm sorry about what happened back at your house I did not mean for that to happen." Morfen smiled and replied, "No it's fine I'm just happy you healed me I thought I was going to die."

Midna then looked at Estel and said to her, "I know you love Morfen a lot I'm happy that you do, but next time you want to attack something viscously out of anger, try not to bite my tail." Midna smiled at Estel and said again, "You still remind my of your father even in your fused form." "Why is that" replied Morfen, "Because he took the form of a wolf too" replied Midna.

A week passed and Midna showed Estel how to control her fused form with the help of Morfen and Gina. While Midna was not teaching Estel, Estel and Morfen grew closer and closer to each other.  One day Midna asked Estel while she was with Morfen,

 "Hey Stellana, are you ready to take your place on the throne?" Now knowing that one day she would rule the Twilight Realm like her mom before her, Estel answered, "On one condition." "What is it Stellana" Midna asked. "I can't live without Morfen I love him. Please let him stay with me Midna." Estel answered. Midna smiled sweetly and said to Estel, "I know what love is like and I also know how hard it is to let go of the one you love, so Morfen can stay here with you."

After Midna said that Stellana looked deep into Morfen's eyes and he looked deeply into Stellana's eyes as well then they kissed. As Midna watched there romance, she smiled, then left the room to themselves


Six years after Stellana and Midna reunite…


Stellana's Story


Part 5

Things are finally settling down in the Twilight Realm. Midna is about to retire and bestow the throne to hr daughter. But a week before Stellana's bestowing, a strange message arrives at the Palace of Twilight "This note makes no sense" said Midna to her servant. Her servant replied, “This message came from Hyrule. Apparently it was directed to you."

Puzzled about this, Midna said, "I will go and see what’s going on ok?" Then Midna warped out of the palace. Meanwhile, while Midna was gone two weeks passed and nothing was mentioned strangely, Midna never returned. After a while Stellana was wondering if her mom is ok so Stellana said to her servant,

"Gina, I'm going to find mom. Do you have any clues about where she is?"  "No, but I just got a note about her and an old friend trapped in a mirror like universe, but not many of us know about mirrors though" Gina replied. Then Stellana asked Gina, "Who is the oldest Twillian here I need to talk with them." “His name is Wix. But he preferred to be addressed by Elder Wix I will take you to him" Gina answered then Gina led Stellana to see Elder Wix.

As they arrived at his place, Gina said to Stellana, "This Twillian was apparently here when are ancestors were banished here from Hyrule. He knows a lot about almost everything." As Stellana entered Elder Wix's place, she saw an older looking Twillian sitting in a chair next to a fireplace.

As Stellana approached him he said to her, "Hello young half twillian princess, what do you need?"  Stellana replied, "Do you know anything about mirrors because my mom is trapped behind one." "Mirror traps are usually a type of Shadow Magic the stronger the magic, the harder to break" answered Elder Wix.

Stellana then gave the note to Elder Wix and said to him, "This is the mirror I'm talking about." As Stellana gave the note to Elder Wix, he gasped then said on horror, "It's the Mirror of Elemental that's really bad." "How bad" Stellana replied. "The mirror of elemental is protected by five shields. Each shield is in an elemental area related to the shield" answered Elder Wix.

"Where can I find the shields?" "They lie in a place called Hyrule. You actually lived there once when you were young, so you hopefully can find your way around that place." "Where are the shields Elder Wix?" "One is in a place called Gordon mines, another one is in a forest cave, there is one in an underwater cavern, and also one is in a volcano called Mountains Heart Cave."

After Elder Wix said that, he gave Stellana a strange sparkling stone ring then said, "This is called a mentele ring. It can repel any elemental energy no matter how strong but this one is special." "How is that so" replied Stellana. "If you are hit by elemental energy the ring will absorb the energy making your magic stronger."  Elder Wix gave Stellana the ring and said again, "Take this and be carefully young half twillian princess because this mission is very dangerous just by itself."  "Thank you Elder Wix I will be very careful." Stellana replied then she warped out of the castle along with Morfen to help her out.

        Meanwhile in an underground cave, there was a strange multicolored mirror with 4 powerfully barriers protecting it. Behind that mirror were trapped two creatures hoping to get out.  "I can't stand the fact that I'm trapped in this small place like this," Said Midna while pacing back and forth. Then the other trapped creature said to Midna, "Calm down Midna, you have been pacing like that for about three hours now, I know we are trapped in here but you need to relax its not that bad."

This human wore green clothing with a green sock like hat upon his head. He had blond hair and a triangle like pattern on the top of his right hand. While still pacing, Midna replied to this human, "I'm trying to think right now Link don’t bug me right now. By the way, did you fall into this trap too?" "Yes I did. I still wonder why of all creatures I would be trapped in here with you. We haven't spoken in about 20 years I always wondered what became of you over time" replied Link.  Midna then thought to herself, "Please Stellana, be safe."


Why is Midna and Link trapped behind some strange mirror? What is the mirror of elemental? How will the mentele ring help Stellana throughout her journey? And will Stellana ever find her mom in time?

Find out more in
Stellana's Story



Stellana's Story

Part 6

While traveling Hyrule at nighttime, Stellana and Morfen ventured towards an ancient lake. As the two of them approached the lake, Stellana said to Morfen, "I think this Lake Hyla. I've herd about this place. According to legend, the cave is at the end of the shore line." "If this is true then the first shield is in that cave let’s go Stellana before the sun comes up I really don't like traveling by shadow." Morfen replied “I know Morfen I think the fact that most twillians can't thrive in sunlight stinks. But that's just how it is I think I got lucky being half human" answered Stellana. "I just wish I can walk around with you instead of hiding all of the time." Morfen paused and said again, "The cave is over here let's go" so the two of them entered the cave.

Meanwhile, behind the mirror trap, as Midna finally started to calm down, "See it's not that bad in here Midna," Said Link. "After all, you are very smart and will probably think of something." "Thank you Link I'm just worried about someone that's all." Midna replied "Who are you worried about Midna" asked Link.

Meanwhile, as Stellana and Morfen entered the cave, he noticed that the walls of the cave were covered in electrically charged fungi. As Stellana approached the fungi her ring started to glow and the electrical energy was absorbed from the fungi into Stellana's ring, after that Stellana looked at her ring and if glowed black. As Stellana looked at her ring she said, "That’s cool, but we need to keep moving." And the two of them headed deeper into the cave.

As they ventured deeper into the cave, the two of them entered a room and a door closed behind them. While Stellana tried to open it Morfen looked around the room but did not notice the giant toad watching them from above until it jumped down right in front of them. As Morfen screamed, Stellana noticed that this giant toad was hurt and was rampaging about because of that.

 Stellana approached the huge toad then she calmly said to it, "You poor toad, let me help you." Suddenly, Stellana’s necklace started to glow blue and she changed into a huge 475’ black wolf like beast this wolf had a blue energy mane and a whip like tail its paws and eye sockets were radiating with energy as well.

While the giant toad rampaged about, Stellana tried to calm it down by pinning it down to the floor as the toad calmed down Stellana saw that it had a thorn in its foot. Realizing that was the problem, Stellana took the thorn with her teeth and carefully pulled it out. After it was out, the toad calmed down and it spoke, "What you seek lies in the next room” and it hopped away. After Stellana changed back to normal, she and Morfen continued onward into the last room. In that room was a strange black mirror. As the two of them looked at it, they noticed that there was a small water droplet carved onto the top of the mirror.

When the two of them approached the mirror, Stellana's ring started to glow. While glowing Stellana remembered what Elder Wix said to her about her magic increasing so Stellana formed a ball of blue energy, and chucked it at the mirror shattering it to pieces.

 Meanwhile behind the mirror trap, "Don't you think you should have told me about this Midna" yelled Link towards Midna.  "I thought having her being raised by humans would be best for are daughter so she would be safe from danger" answered Midna "You could at least let me raise my own child, but no, you and your crazy thinking. I can't believe this. And now our daughter is wandering about doing who knows what. I can't believe this Midna" replied Link but Midna said nothing. After a short pause, Link noticed the top barrier dissolved leaving three barriers left. While Midna said nothing Link said in shock, "The black barrier is gone how is that possible?"

Meanwhile, after breaking the black mirror Stellana's ring returned to its normal color. Stellana then said to Morfen, "Let's get out of here" and they warped out of the cave. After they got out, Stellana said to Morfen, "According to Elder Wix, the next one is in Mountain's Heart Cave that is apparently in Death Mountain we need to get there" so Stellana and Morfen went to Mountain's Heart Cave to find the next barrier.

Is Stellana really Link’s daughter? What do these colored mirrors mean? Why dose the mentele ring glow different colors? And will Stellana ever save her mom in time?

Find out more in

Stellana's Story

Part 7




Stellana's Story


Part 7

        As Stellana and Morfen approached Death Mountain, they noticed that it was hot out like back at home. As the to of them approached the mountain, they saw the entrance to the cave and went in.

Meanwhile behind the mirror trap, "Listen Midna, I know that you feel bad for what happens back then, but the past is behind us and w need to look towards our future." Said Link to Midna, but Midna said nothing. As Link tried to cheer Midna up, Stellana and Morfen were traveling through Mountain's Heart Cave and notice that the cave itself was very small on the inside.

In the cave was a cascading fall of lava. In the middle of the room was a red mirror with a flame carved on the mirror. As they approached the mirror, a bit of lava splashed near them, suddenly Stellana’s ring started to glow red. As they got closer to the mirror, a huge flaming bat started to attack the two of them. While being attacked by the bat Morfen said, "It's a keese, be carefully Stellana this thing is really big." Stellana formed a ball of blue energy but for some strange reason it looked stronger then usual. After the energy ball formed, Stellana chucked it at the giant keese flinging it into the lava falls killing it. After the giant keese was gone, Stellana approached the red mirror and chucked another ball of energy at it shattering it.

Meanwhile, behind the mirror trap, "Come on Midna say something. I know you very well; you’re not going to stay quite for ever" said Link to Midna. Then Midna said softly, "I'm sorry about what happened between us. It's just that after Stellana was born, she looked so much like you and that made the fact that I miss you even worse. But after a while, I realized the grave mistake I've made by giving her up too. I missed you even after me and Stellana met up again. I'm just glad to be with you again Link. Your right, you do know me. And I know you as well but 20 years ago I was to scared to say this and I regret it horribly."  Then Midna paused then said again, "I love you Link, and I really missed you so I've been waiting to give this to you for a long time." Then Midna walked up to Link and they romantically kissed each other.  Not noticing that the red barrier disappeared.

 Meanwhile, after Stellana and Morfen left the cave, Stellana said to Morfen, "The next one is in a forest cave in the Oradon Forest let’s go." The two of them then headed over to Oradon Forest to find the other shield.

Will Stellana find the other 2 shields in time? Why is Stellana’s magic growing stronger? Is Midna's story true about her daughter? And will Midna finally stay with Link?

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Stellana’s Story

Part 8



Stellana's Story


 Part 8

        As Stellana and Morfen venture threw the Oradon Forest, the two found a cave with a tree growing around it as they entered the cave they saw that the cave was covered in a slime like goo that covered the walls. While walking threw the cave, Morfen noticed that the goo was moving then he said to Stellana, "This is not normal goo, these goo blobs are chews. The red ones burn you, the green ones poison you, and the purple ones shock you, so be careful walking threw this cave." As Stellana and Morfen walked carefully threw the cave they spotted a green mirror with what looked like a piece of wood carved into it. As they approached the mirror, Stellana bumped into a plant and her ring started to glow green. As Stellana approached the mirror, she noticed that the goo blobs inched closer towards them. While Morfen watched the chews in horror, he saw that a giant rainbow colored chew attacked them. Knowing that chews die in sunlight, Stellana formed a ball of blue energy and chucked it threw the ceiling of the cave shining light threw it killing all of the chews.

After there were dead, Morfen asked Stellana, "Where did you know that from?" Stellana replied, "I think I herd it from someone I knew when I was young." "Get that mirror Stellana" replied Morfen. Stellana formed a powerful ball of blue energy and chucked it at the mirror shattering it to pieces after it broke, Stellana’s ring returned to normal.

Meanwhile, behind the mirror trap, "So your saying you got a message from me that I needed your help with something" said Link to Midna. "That's what the note said but if you think about it, I think you were the bait to lure me here" replied Midna. "But why is that possible? I too was trapped in here but if I'm the bait, who's the one behind all of this" Link asked "I'm still wondering the same thing" replied Midna Then the green barrier disappeared. As Stellana and Morfen made it out of the cave, Stellana said to Morfen, "The last one is in the Gordon Mines back at Death Mountain. But this time, it’s in the mountain not by it, so let's go." Then Stellana and Morfen headed back towards Death Mountain to reach the Gordon Mines.

What will happen to Stellana and Morfen now? Will breaking the last beerier free Link and Midna? How is the mentele ring going to help out? And who is behind all of this?
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Stellana's Story

Part 9



Stellana's Story


Part 9

        After reaching Death Mountain for the second time, Stellana and Morfen ran into what looked like a creature that was part turtle, part man, and part rock. As the creature walked near them Morfen said, "That's a Gordon Stellana. These creatures live on Death Mountain they are somewhat friendly so be nice to them."

The Gordon asked Stellana, "Are you here to see the mines?" Stellana replied, "Yes, me and my friend are here to find some sort of mirror that lies deep within the mines." "Ok then. But be careful in there, the floors are made of a magnetic metal so watch your step." "Ok thanks we will" replied Stellana then Stellana and Morfen entered the mines. After the entered, they realized that the entire mine was covered in turquoise flooring that was magnetic. Not realizing her shoes had a metal frame, Stellana's shoes were magnetized allowing her to walk on the walls.


While traveling threw the mines, Stellana and Morfen entered a room. As they got in, a door closed behind them trapping them inside. While wondering how to open  it, Morfen looked behind him and gasped in horror to see a giant flaming beast ramming its head into a wall over and over again. As Stellana looked at the beast, she noticed that this beast was just an oversized extremely pissed Goron rampaging about.

As Stellana approached the flaming beast she said, "I'm going to calm it down like I did the toad." But before she was about to change Stellana’s ring touched the floor of the cave and started to glow white. After she changed into her wolf like creature she attacked the flaming Goron as her and the Goron fought, Stellana pinned down the giant Goron the same way she pinned down the toad.

After calming it down, Stellana noticed the giant Goron had changed from a huge flaming beast, into a normal Goron in less then ten minuets. After the Goron was calm, Stellana changed back to normal then said to the Goron, "Are you feeling ok? I just wanted to ask you something." Then the Goron said, "I have a really bad headache from doing that, but thanks for your help by the way you look like someone I met before about 20 years ago that's really strange though." Stellana replied, "Have you seen a colored mirror around here?" "Yes I have” answered the Goron, “it's actually right over here." Then the Goron picked up a large bolder and chucked it into the lava reviling behind the bolder was a white mirror with what looked like a piece of metal carved into it.

After Stellana formed a ball of blue energy in her hand, she asked the Goron, “Can I break this mirror? It will help free my mom from her trap.” “Sure that’s ok with me” replied the Goron. “By the way my name is Fyrus.” “Thank you Fyrus” replied Stellana. “By the way, my name is Stellana”. Stellana then chucked the energy ball at the mirror and broke it after it broke, Stellana’s ring returned to normal.

Meanwhile, behind the mirror trap, “I thought Stellana was a good name for our child." Midna said to Link. "I like that name a lot Midna" replied Link "She looks a lot like you. She has your ears, as well as your courage.” Midna said. “Even though she doesn’t know you, she will love you anyways." After Midna said that, Link noticed that the barriers were gone but the mirror itself turned into a yellowish color. As Link was wondering what happened, Midna said to him, "Look at that, looks like my message got to her after all." "What message" asked Link.   

Meanwhile, as Stellana and Morfen left the mines Stellana said to Morfen, "I don't know where the last one is but I think I know someone who does." After Stellana said that, she pulled out what looked like a small mirror like object. Meanwhile, behind the mirror trap, "So let me get this straight, you sent our daughter out on this quest to break four barriers and help us get free from here?" "Yes” replied Midna. “I think she can do it what about you after all she is your child too."

Before Link could answer, a strange hooded figure stood there watching them from the other side of the mirror. As Midna noticed this figure she screamed in fright then said in horror, "I thought I killed you Zant this is impossible!" "I saw you kill him too this is not normal.” replied Link. As Midna made a ball of white energy she said to the figure, "You better stay away from us, or I will use this!" But the figure didn't listen. It walked right threw the barrier directly towards them. As the figure came closer to them, Midna chucked the ball of white energy at the figure. But as the energy hit the figure, the energy ball went threw it and hit the mirror behind it. As the figure got closer and closer towards them, it suddenly vanished. After the figure was gone, Link sighed in relief then said, "That was weird, how is this possible?" Then Midna answered while still stunned, "It isn't."

Now that all of the berries are gone, can Link and Midna escape? Who is Stellana contacting for help? Will Stellana ever save her mom? And has Zant really returned?
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Stellana's Story

Part 10




Stellana’s Story


Part 10

        While talking to her mirror like object, Morfen asked Stellana, "Are you using your visual communicator Stellana?" "Yes I programmed my VC so I can use it for long distance calls” replied Stellana. Stellana then said to her VC, "Elder Wix can you here me?" "Yes young half twillian princess what do you need" replied Elder Wix "I have broke all four shields where is the mirror of elemental" asked Stellana. "It lies under the Ruins of Twilight your mother went there on her journey through Hyrule. Go through the western desert until you hit a stadium like structure. After you arrive, you will see a small cave entrance. Go down the tunnel and you will find it” answered Elder Wix. "Thank you Elder Wix." Replied Stellana then her VC shut down.  After talking with Elder Wix, Stellana said to Morfen, "We need to get to those ruins right now." Then the two of them headed towards the Ruins of Twilight.

Meanwhile, behind the mirror trap, "Midna you’re having panic attack calm down" said Link to Midna while Midna paced back and forth frantically. While Midna was freaking out, Stellana and Morfen just reached the Ruins of Twilight. As they approached the ruins, Morfen spotted a small tunnel leading underneath the ruins. After he spotted it, he said to Stellana, "That's the tunnel Elder Wix was talking about."  "Let's go into the tunnel then" replied Stellana.

While traveling through the tunnel, Stellana noticed the tunnel has a pond as well as a lava pool. In the cave was also a well and a small forest and some magnetic flooring in some spots. As the two of them passed this part of the tunnel Stellana’s ring started to glow a bright yellow coloring. While continuing threw the tunnel, Stellana noticed at the end of the tunnel was a small room. In that room, was a yellow mirror, not knowing that behind this mirror was someone they knew.

As Stellana approached the mirror, she and Morfen expected a monster to come out of nowhere. While waiting carefully, Stellana herd something she did not expect she herd a knocking noise from somewhere but she didn't know where it came from. While trying to locate the sound, she did not notice the strange figure approaching her and Morfen.

As Stellana finally found the source of the noise, she realized not only was someone in there but it was Midna knocking from the other side. Happy to see her mom, Stellana noticed n the mirror reflection was a figure with golden armor and golden boots approaching them. As it got closer and closer, Midna backed away from the mirror in horror then said to Stellana, "Run Stellana run!" As Stellana confronted this figure she said to it, "Who are you, what do you want from us?" But the figure did not answer. As it got closer Morfen said in shock, "Dad is that you!?!" After Morfen said that the whole chamber went dead quiet.

As Morfen approached this figure, Stellana, Midna, and Link watched as Morfen walked over to this figure. As Morfen got close enough, the figure took out a lantern and threw it at Morfen burning him badly.

 Everyone else watched in horror while the figure came closer towards them. Midna realize this was no twillian creature at all. Then she said to Stellana, "It's a poe Stellana. They have the ability to take the form of your worst fears and use them against you be careful when you fight this thing."

Stellana nodded and then changed into her wolf like form to confront this creature. While Stellana was fighting this creature Link watched in awe while his daughter battled this monstrous thing. As Stellana fought, Midna finally broke through the mirror and rushed over to help Morfen recover.

While Midna was about to heal Morfen he weakly said to Midna, "I should have told you about my past. I know now that you don't hold grudges and I'm glad. I love your daughter so much, and I'm really sorry if I ever hurt you or her."  Midna then said to Morfen, "You are not going to die Morfen, I won't let that happen." Midna took out her fused shadow shards, placed them on the ground in a circle like formation around herself and said, "Oh sacred shadows give him my power” suddenly, Midna and the fused shadows started to glow purple.

Meanwhile, as Stellana and the poe attack each other, Link rushed over to Midna's aid as Midna gave most of her life energy to revive and heal Morfen. As Morfen got up, he noticed that Midna was on the ground barely breathing and he said to her, "You really do care about me don't you?" Midna weakly said to Morfen, "Help my daughter give her support." Morfen nodded at Midna then rushed over to help Stellana.

While Morfen went to help Stellana, Link rushed over to Midna, sat down next to her, and said to Midna calmly, "You really love our daughter and I now know why you did that in the past. Being raised by a human family gave her a new look on things. I'm very happy that you are her mother Midna I know that we will make a good set of parents. So why don't we start fresh and settle down together how dose that sound?" Midna weakly smiled and said to Link, "That sounds amazing." Then Midna passed out.

Meanwhile, while Stellana and Morfen were fighting the oversized poe, Stellana looked over at her mom and saw her lying on the ground practically lifeless.  Feeling really bad, Stellana panicked, then confronted the poe. As she did that, she ate the poe and swallowed it whole lantern and all. After she did that, she change back to normal then her and Morfen rushed over to help Midna. As they got there the two of them noticed Link sitting next to her crying seeing that she was dead.

As Stellana thought of what to do she had an idea then said to Link, "Let's heal her we can do it together with your triforce power, and my mix of both shadow magic and triforce power I know it can happen." Then Link said to Stellana, "You really are your mothers child you know that Stellana? I’m glad to be a father to such a smart daughter." "Thank you dad" replied Stellana.

 Link and Stellana placed there hands on Midna's heart and thought about something happy. Link thought about his love between him and Midna and his triforce started to glow with a gold like color. While Stellana thought about her family that she found once again after many years of felling alone and depressed and how now she feels like she belongs somewhere and her hand starts to glow with a blue energy. As the two types of energy formed together, Midna started to glow a bright white light and she was healed.

As Midna got up she slowly said to Link and Stellana, "Wow you two make a good team.” Midna looked at Morfen, smiled and said again, “You too Morfen,  you also make a big part of this team.”  Midna stood up and said, “Let’s get out of this cave.” Midna then took Link, and Stellana took Morfen and they warped.

 Many years later, things are finally working out in the Twilight Realm. Midna and Link are finally together, and Stellana finally has the throne. Morfen and Stellana got married, and they rule the Twilight Realm together. Who knew Midna's daughter and Zant's son would live together in harmony. Like Midna said once before, every action has a purpose and eventually you will find your purpose one way or another.



The End



Stellana’s Story

Alternate Ending

Meanwhile, while Stellana and Morfen were fighting the oversized poe, Stellana looked over at her mom and saw her lying on the ground practically lifeless.  Feeling really bad, Stellana panicked, then confronted the poe. As she did that, she ate the poe and swallowed it whole lantern and all. After she did that, she change back to normal then her and Morfen rushed over to help Midna. As they got there the two of them noticed Link sitting next to her crying seeing that she was dead.

As Link sat there next to Midna he said to Stellana, “I’m sorry that your mother and I weren’t good parents. I just wished that the three of us could start fresh and have a normal life together.” Stellana then replied, “In my opinion there is no such thing as normal. Everyone is special in there own way. I’m glad that I was raised the way I was because if I was not, I would have not been able to realize the things I’m saying right now.”

As Stellana and Link sat next to Midna’s body Stellana thought of something then said, “Lets heal her together we can do it.” “How” asked Link, “I still can barley use my triforce power” “Midna taught me this” Stellana said “Think of something happy the happiest thought you have and your triforce power should work.”

After Stellana said that she thought about how she was finally home where she belongs, and her hands started to glow with a blue energy. While Link thought of the fact that he found his daughter and the fact how smart she is like her mother as well as his adventures with Midna. From the day they met in the Twilight Realm, to the way they traveled together all over Hyrule to find the Fused Shadow Shards as well as the Mirror of Twilight pieces. He also thought of how she helped him by telling him how to do things along there journey. But the more he thought about it the more he realized that he loved Midna dearly and needed her back. Then his Triforce started to glow. As the two energies combined Midna glowed with a white light and was healed. As Midna got up she said to Link and Stellana, “Thank you for everything you two.” Then Link replied, “No thank you Midna for helping raise our daughter properly. I missed you too. I love you and Stellana both so let’s settle down and have a normal life together” then Link and Midna Kissed.

 A few weeks later at the Palace of Twilight things finally worked out. Midna retired and Stellana is ruling the Twilight Realm with Morfen by her side and Link and Midna are finally together. Who knew that after all this time everyone is finally happy but who knows anything could happen. Like Stellana said before, there is no such thing as normal everyone and everything is special in there own way. 


The End

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